Which branches of ministry would best serve me and my congregation with my online Doctor of Ministry degree?

Some schools may request that you choose an area of specialization while earning your online Doctor of Ministry degree. Each program will allow you to focus on a concentration that will meet your and your congregation’s needs.

The DMin degree program is flexible and convenient and can be tailored for interests in biblical preaching or in missionary leadership. You may decide to focus on helping with the disadvantaged or homeless missions in your community or within a music ministry for inner city kids. Perhaps your calling is to work in a hospice chaplain ministry, in an urban ministry, Christian leadership or within the field of Bible translation. Many pastors share their DMin degree knowledge to spread the Word by way of planting new churches in other states or countries.

Other concentrations may include interfaith relations, world religions and Christianity, in addition to, specific ways to transform your own spirituality and growth. Some ministers may find that they have had the calling to enter evangelism. The online Doctor of Ministry degree program will allow you to hone your skills in preparation for traveling to spread the gospel of Jesus.

Within larger churches, you may be interested in pastoral management, in which you are the first point of contact between families and meeting their needs. Pastoral Managers are also often positioned in private Christian schools. Perhaps you have a military background and see the need to be in a military ministry leading young soldiers and the wounded to Christ. Often, a minister is requested for Christian counseling. In this area of concentration, Christian advisement will allow you to meet the needs of your public church congregation, as well as, in a private practice. Topics such as, marriage counseling, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as, grief counseling may be discussed.

If you are young at heart, a youth ministry will assist you in reaching our younger generations in a way that will interest them and keep them focused. Youth ministers often are tasked with starting a conversation about relevant or sensitive topics, therefore, providing counseling that will lead youth to Christ and to help guide them in their future endeavors, as well.

Many DMin or PhD holders become interested in teaching at private religious-based schools, and some are affiliated with local churches. The age groups can range from between elementary to high school levels. Many choose to educate at the college level, as well. If you prefer the writing aspects of ministry, many degree holders become writers for magazines, television stations or become Internet bloggers.

Perhaps the best branch of ministry to pursue is the one you are in now. If you are presently a minister, your congregation has grown to love you and respect you as their friend, Christian mentor, in addition to, their biblical educator. Your online Doctor of Ministry degree will help you to advance in your faith, as well as, help you meet your parishioner’s needs.

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