How can I earn a degree online for locksmithing?

Becoming a locksmith is a valuable career option – and there are now a variety of online degrees you can earn. As a locksmith, you’ll be responsible for replacing locks on a multitude of structures such as houses, cars, windows, and office buildings. Traditionally, locksmiths have worked making physical locks and keys out of metal, but today those skills have shifted to include programing electronic locking mechanisms. Locksmiths are also known for coming and getting people out of a jam when they have locked themselves out of their cars or homes.

A seemingly humble career option, locksmiths are actually paid quite well for their skills. According to, the median salary a locksmith made in 2016 was $48,129. Being a locksmith also gives you the option to work for a wide range of companies, or to go in business for yourself.

Earning a locksmith degree has traditionally been done in a vocational school setting, such as a community college or trade school. Now many colleges have seen the value in converting some of the curriculum to an online setting. These schools offer hybrid learning options where students can complete coursework online while completing hands-on training in the typical classroom setting. In addition to books, students may also be responsible for buying equipment for making and picking locks. If you are choosing an online program offering a locksmithing diploma, ensure the program is accredited.

Depending on the program, students can learn to become a locksmith in a few months. However, they may be required to apprentice for a few years after finishing their degree.

Once you earn your degree, further certification may help you land your first job – many employers require you have a certification from the Associated Locksmiths of America. Certifications may include registered locksmith, certified registered locksmith, certified professional locksmith, certified master locksmith. You might also want to consider joining a professional organization since it could provide additional training and networking opportunities as you grow in your career field.

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