How can procrastination hurt online studies?


Procrastination is a common problem for many college students. Putting studying or writing a paper until the last minute doesn’t seem like a big deal until it’s the night before the deadline and there’s too much to cover or memorize. While traditional students can lean on their fellow learners by pulling all-nighters or study sessions, this option isn’t always an option for online learners. And since many people attending classes virtually may be juggling added responsibilities such as a full-time job or raising a family, time can be a precious commodity when it comes to studying for an exam or completing a project.

Not logging into your online classes or putting assignments off till the last minute could have a significant effect on your final grade and in turn your grade point average. If you’re having trouble managing your time, see if your school has resources to help you get back on track. Otherwise, aim to block time off in your schedule for study. It could be first thing in the morning or right after dinner. Having a set time keeps you honest. Hold to these plans as much as possible. When you’re studying, log out of social media sites or silence your phone so you can focus your whole attention on what you are learning. You can always take a breather after you’ve completed your tasks.

It’s time to start adulting now!

We have two helpful infographics that we created to help with “adulting” and procrastination… Adulting 101: How to Think Outside the Classroom and Procrastination…Why Wait? What are you waiting for?! Click the links to learn how to stay on track with your goal and be the success you know you can be!