Can I earn a career certificate in horticulture?

Why not turn your hobby into a profession? Through a certificate program in horticulture, you can do just that. As you learn how to grow and maintain plants, such as flowers, fruits and vegetables, you can now cultivate your own career in the field of horticulture through an online program, making it easy for anyone to achieve their dreams.

To begin, you will need to decide if a certificate program will allow you to do the job you desire in horticulture. Most employers prefer their employees, at least in this field, to have a bachelor’s degree. If you would like to acquire a management position, a master’s degree may be needed. Certificate programs are primarily used as a stepping stone to the higher degrees, for it is very useful when one is not sure if horticulture is the career for them. Or, if you would like to have a good refresher course in the subject, an online certificate program in horticulture is the way to go.

But, is there online horticulture programs available? Yes, although scarce, there are some certificate programs offered fully online, however, some are considered to be “hybrid” programs. In a hybrid program, you may need to attend campus occasionally to complete hands-on exercises or take exams. Some local facilities partner with online schools to accommodate those who need to complete lab works close to home.

As you complete your online certificate program in horticulture, you will qualify for positions in greenhouses, nurseries, city or county grounds keeping, garden centers, zoo or amusement parks, farms, recreational parks, gardens, as well as, arboretums, forest preserves or in floral design. You may have responsibilities such as planting, pruning and overseeing the well-being of all plant types, in addition to, preventing plant disease, weed management and plant nutrition.

While an online certificate program will provide you with the foundational training you need to enter horticulture, you will learn to identify plant types, how to properly grow plants, how to handle them, how to test for plant disease and the proper treatments and pesticides that can be used. You will also learn about landscape design and how to properly maintain business lawns and landscapes, as well as, how to properly prune and care for trees and shrubs. You can also expect to learn about plant nutrition, weed management, in addition to, soil preparation and drainage techniques. Other coursework may include organic gardening, ornamental plant materials, botanical illustration and landscape materials. In some instances, your program may be geared toward the region in which you live or for students who are interested in a particular career specialty.

Upon completion of your certificate program, you can expect to apply your skills and knowledge to residential and commercial applications, provide sound advice regarding one’s horticultural needs to obtain optimal outcomes, as well as, the personal satisfaction of helping others create an environment that is peaceful and conducive to their family’s lifestyle in their own backyards.

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