What will a career in Curriculum and Instruction consist of at the online Doctorate degree level?

As a child or adolescent, did you enjoy going to school every day? Did you get up anticipating what you would learn that day? If you were one that was less than excited, perhaps it was because you were just plain bored. Who decided what was to be taught anyway? Who wrote those boring textbooks? Today, to keep a student’s attention, the curriculum must be held relevant, engaging and applicable in today’s society. For best results, educators look to specialists in this field to help them teach others effectively. Would you like to take part in each child’s learning curriculum in hopes of making a positive impact on their future, as well as, the process in which they learn? As you have previously earned your master’s degree in this field, you are ready to expand on your knowledge and skills to deliver real results in the area of education. You should consider earning an online Doctorate of Curriculum and Instruction degree.

Perhaps you are wondering what your duties will be at this level in your career? Without a doubt, you have previous work experience in the field of curriculum and instruction already, in fact, it is usually a prerequisite to entering an online doctorate program. But earning this distinguished degree will help you obtain the promotion you’ve hoped for, in addition to, a rise in salary due to your expansive knowledge and the additional responsibilities.

To oversee all aspects of a school district’s educational process, you may obtain the title of “Director of Education” with your online Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction degree in hand. As this is a significant title, you will be tasked with evaluating the teacher’s performance and training them accordingly. Your primary goal will be to choose or create a curriculum that promotes a cohesive learning environment, along with the comprehensive knowledge and skills relatable to the subject.

Also, you will closely monitor each child’s progress and will report to the school superintendent to analyze potential success or failures. Directors of curriculum and instruction work closely with educators to provide feedback on various teaching methods, curriculum interests, and student results. As the government provides strict guidelines on education, you will need to be aware and enforce all instructional standards, in addition to, working with special interest groups and promoting a positive public image. Each district’s number of credits required must also be met satisfactorily to graduate.

You will also maintain and manage a staff to help you with the most innovative forms of technology to help teachers and students in their efforts. You will also set the standards and guidelines for teachers who are acting as educators of such curriculum, as you will carry the burden of keeping instructional methods and curriculum current and informative.

Through an online doctoral program in curriculum and instruction, you will learn how to look forward by planning years ahead and setting long-term goals for your district, such as providing students with college credits as they move forward. You should also be prepared to construct and present reports at school board meetings, as well as, maintain school budgets, which occasionally means advocating for much more money for the school system’s operation.

This field in education covers a wide array of duties, as you can see. Are you prepared? You will be if you check out our excellent choices for the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction Degree Programs and get started today securing your future, as well as, our future leaders of tomorrow.