Can I pursue a career as a Dean of Students with my online Doctorate degree in Education?

Are you currently an educator? Would you like to expand your horizon and career opportunities to include a career as a Dean of Students? A Dean of Students within the college or university setting works closely with attending students who have questions or concerns regarding the day-to-day activities of college life.

Depending on the size of the school, an online Doctorate degree in Education is the preferred degree for a position as a Dean of Students. Typically, a Professor is a good candidate for this job because they can fulfill their duties as a Dean while maintaining their responsibilities as an educator.

Most often, this career requires you to work your way up the educational ladder, so to speak. After years of teaching, earning your online Doctorate degree in Education and perhaps experience in other administrative positions, you may qualify for a career as a College Dean. As you can see, it is a career you must work hard to attain.  It is not one you can easily step into from another field or without extensive previous experience. In fact, not many actually qualify due to the credential requirements.

However, a good skills set will help to distinguish you from others applying for a Dean of Students position. In addition to your strong academic credentials, such as, your online Doctorate degree in Education, you may also want to obtain a degree in counseling, as well. You must have strong leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills, along with, the experience required to maintain order and provide an excellent educational experience for all students. Administrative experience is also a must.

The responsibilities of the Dean of Students vary greatly and covers a wide array of essential, as well as, extracurricular activities. As someone who has worked their way up from lower-level positions, you should be familiar with the admissions process, financial aid opportunities, health services and student housing issues. You will also work closely with other faculty and administration in coordinating social events and programs related to academia or other activities to ensure a happy and cohesive campus life. Generally, the Dean of Students is available for all campus and academic needs or concerns that the student may have.

They may also work as a liaison between student organizations and college administrators while organizing student orientations for students incoming for the first time. If international students are entering, the Dean of Students will help them to acclimate and adjust to college life in the U.S. Most often, disciplinary actions are handled by the Dean of Students by following strict school protocol and procedures.

A Dean is also responsible for school budgets and works closely with office personnel to develop school policies.  They monitor a student’s academic progress by offering assistance when needed. They truly should have a heart of servitude to be the student’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. Your main goal will be to see the student succeed. Your job may depend on it, as low graduation or drop-out rates are frowned upon.

Your Doctorate of Education degree can be obtained through an online program. Coursework may consist of classes in the finances of higher education, the structure of a university, as well as, how to provide services to the college age student, based on academics and personal development.

Earning your online Doctorate degree in Education will provide you with a lucrative paycheck, mostly six figures per year. But most importantly, as you achieve your dream job, you will be helping others achieve their dreams as well. As an educator, what could be better than that? If you are interested in this field, then please check out our choices for the Top 20 Online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Programs.