What sort of career can I expect as a Healthcare Administrator?

The healthcare industry covers a wide array of careers; some relating to direct patient care and some regarding the administrative side of things. If personal bedside care is not your interest but you find the healthcare industry intriguing, then perhaps a career as a Medical and Health Service Manager, also known as a Healthcare Administrator, may be for you.

To become a Healthcare Administrator, you must have a minimum of an online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration or a related field such as health services, long-term care administration or another related major. However, most employers prefer their applicants to own an online master’s degree in healthcare administration for consideration for a position and the best possible salary.

Upon obtaining your online master’s degree in healthcare administration (MHA), you will need to acquire the state licensure per your state’s requirements. Voluntary certification from the American Health Information Management Association is also preferred. Your Registered Health Information Administrator credential will show that you have put forth the effort to be the best in your field.

Where does the Healthcare Administrator work? They can be found in hospitals, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturers, clinics, home healthcare organizations, privately owned physician offices, outpatient care centers, as well as, long-term care nursing home facilities or medical complexes full of medical professionals. You may also consider careers within federal government health care facilities, insurance companies, dental offices or medical and diagnostic laboratories. The possibilities are endless.

Are you wondering what your responsibilities as a Healthcare Administrator would be? As an owner of an online master’s degree in healthcare administration, you will be overseeing the financial, clerical, human resource and business aspects of medical care within the facility by which you are employed. Typically, you will be in a supervisory position ensuring that everything from medical care to legal and ethical issues run smoothly with an utmost importance focused on marketing, policy, research, and financial operations of the healthcare industry. The Healthcare Administrator must be knowledgeable in the latest and greatest technology and information systems to ensure smooth day-to-day operation.

Thanks to your online master’s degree, the Healthcare Administrator, generally, is considered an executive position working as a chief executive officer, often in charge of the entire company. You will be responsible for overseeing that employees are well-trained, that the workplace runs smoothly, as well as, seeing that patients are taken care of with optimum, qualified professionals, always. You will also be accountable for planning budget outlines, maintaining inventory, for repairs of equipment and other facility upkeep.

Key skills you may need for a Healthcare Administrator’s position should include the ability to analyze and utilize data, possess strong leadership skills, in addition to, being a strategic thinker. The average salary for this career carries a wide range from between $63,414 – $162,000 per year, depending on experience, responsibilities, educational degree and job location.

To summarize, healthcare administration is an excellent career to be in and will afford you many opportunities for advancement and a lucrative career. If you wish to learn more about a career in the healthcare industry, we have compiled a list of the Top 20 Online Master’s Degree of Healthcare Administration Programs for your convenience.