What does a career in Horticulture entail?

A career in horticulture is a rewarding one, no doubt. To plant a seed and watch it produce a gorgeous flower is truly a gift to the eye of the beholder. Not many can say that they see the fruits of their labors evolve into such a beautiful creation… but the horticulturist can!

But, what is horticulture? What would your job duties entail if you choose this career? The term “horticulture” covers a wide array of topics. As most of us take it for granted that mother nature takes care of our earth, sometimes assistance may be needed to produce the plants that emerge from our soil. If you so choose, you can be mother nature’s assistant! – What an awesome job!

Horticulture is a form of science. As a horticulturist, you will use your knowledge to study and examine the growth process of plants and flowers, as well as, fruits and vegetables. Horticulturist also study the soil and the lay of the land, ways to conserve and restore the earth, along with, plant propagation.

Are you a home gardener? Perhaps you are already an experienced flower gardener or just proud of your prize-winning tomatoes? Horticulturist are interested in the scientific approach to agriculture and are often tasked with cultivating plants that produce the best-tasting fruit or vegetables with the most nutritional value possible. They test plants till they find the ones that are easily grown, are resistant to diseases and insects, as well as, can withstand the elements of the weather and other environmental factors.  Landscapers and garden designers appreciate the work of the horticulturist to ensure that live plants are developed into hardy varieties that produce the largest flowers. Home gardeners reap the benefits, as well.

As a horticulturist, you must have an extensive knowledge of plant identification, proper watering requirements, fertilizing techniques, in addition to, weed management skills. Lawn care is also an important part of horticulture as ground preparation, drainage, grass varieties and the fertilization process are integral to getting that nice, lush carpet of green in front of your home.

Does a career in horticulture interest you? There are several learning opportunities for you if you are contemplating a position in this field. Educational programs can be completed at the certificate or career diploma level. Or, if you would like to progress, you can earn an associate and bachelor’s degree in horticulture. For the really ambitious, a master’s degree is available and if you would like to perform extensive research in the field, a doctorate degree is available, as well.

There are two types of horticulture for you to consider, which are identified as ornamentals and edibles. In addition, there are nine areas of study in which you may want to consider as a specialization. They are landscape horticulture, turf management, arboriculture and floriculture. Other studies include concentrations in oenology, viticulture, pomology, olericulture and postharvest physiology. Typically, unlike agriculture, horticulture does not include crop production in large masses.

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