What kind of career can I have in Human Services?

In today’s world, at least in the job market, competition is the name of the game. You must make yourself more marketable to get the career you want. Earning an advanced degree, like an online Master’s degree of Human Services, will give you the competitive edge you need. With an online master’s degree, you are also entering the realm of numerous possible career choices in the field of human services.

Although you may enter an entry to mid-level job in human services with a bachelor’s degree, employers are now finding that they can use higher educated employees for entry level jobs. This sort of process will allow you to get “a foot in the door” and enable you to work your way up through the ranks based on your advanced educational background.

So, what does a career in human services entail? The online Master’s degree of Human Services program is designed to educate students on the process and programs that we have in place to help others; primarily for those needing mental health assistance or those going through drug or alcohol addiction who need counseling. They also manage issues with the healthcare systems, social benefits and any other services needed to take care of the elderly, homeless, children or other disadvantaged. Human Service personnel also work tirelessly as liaisons to help resolve disputes. They may also be found in areas of schools working in an advisory or counseling capacity. You may also learn topics relating to program development, program analysis and issues dealing with community problems, topics or considerations.

Both types of degrees, the online Master of Science (MS) or Master of Arts (MA), of Human Services are popular. If teaching is your interest, a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree is required. Students who seek degrees allowing them to eventually be an educator may be requested to complete student teaching or internship obligations. A thesis may be required. Several schools offer online opportunities to earn your Master’s degree of Human Services for those who necessitate the convenience while holding a full-time job.

Coursework included in an online Master’s of Human Services degree may include educating the student on how to present services by funding, programming and managing them. This may include programs in healthcare, social working, human resources, drug and alcohol addiction counseling, school administrative positions, child protective services or psychological therapy. Other topics may include counseling ethics and community relations.

The job outlook for someone seeking a position in the field of human services is positive with a projected growth rate of 10% between now and 2024. Graduates may choose to work in privately owned companies, non-profit organizations, as well as, governmental agencies.

There is a plethora of careers you may wish to pursue with your online Master’s degree of Human Services. If you choose to pursue a career in education, you may want to consider a position as a Student Affairs Administrator or a Higher Education Counselor helping students decide on the best career path for them. Other considerations may include a Marriage and Family Therapist, Director of Human Services Agency, Social Worker or Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

An important benefit of owning your master’s degree, besides all the awesome opportunities, is the higher salary potential compared to those with just a bachelor’s degree. We have compiled a list of Top 15 Online Schools for Master’s of Human Services Degree Programs to help you in your endeavors!