What does a career in Industrial Organizational Psychology entail?

Have you ever had a job in which there is always at least one fellow employee that got under your skin? Perhaps they gossiped too much or took credit for your ideas? Or, maybe they just were not a team player and seemed to have a chip on their shoulder all the time? Dealing with individuals like that daily can bring you down and make you feel depressed and dread every day you must get up to go to work. Life is too short for that, right? But what is the answer? How do workplace disputes and discord get resolved? How does one boost the morale of the company to create a cohesive work environment for all?

Through an online Bachelor of Industrial Organizational Psychology degree program, you will learn exactly how to solve problems in the workplace. How do you ask? In these critical situations, you can learn how to use the field of psychology to help serve the employees of a company, in hopes of bringing them together as a team to maximize profits and minimize losses.

The field of industrial-organizational psychology, also called I/O psychology, studies human behavior in the workplace, specializing in large groups or organizations. There are many situations or problems that arise when running a business. Employers face issues with the selection process for new hires, as well as, the proper ways to terminate employees. They also need the assistance of an I/O psychologist for training and development, in addition to, designing programs for the structure of work to be done and to create a desirable work atmosphere.

Also, work performance reviews must be conducted properly, along with, workplace motivation, encouragement and reward programs. An industrial-organizational psychologist must know all legal and ethical regulations relating to the employee/workplace relationship. I/O psychologist often oversee physical safety practices that must be put into place and enforced. They also are expected to work closely with the human resources department, as they work to match the correct individual with the right job responsibilities.

So, how would you get the most from your employees? An industrial-organizational psychologist works tirelessly to ensure that employees are treated fairly and respectfully in return for the employee’s hard work and dedication to their company or organization. Studies show that workers who are properly compensated, complimented, and receive regular raises or bonuses typically feel appreciated for their work; therefore, creating a pleasant, stress-free, and efficient workplace. If a company has unsatisfied employees, an I/O psychologist is often hired to design happier work experiences to boost productivity.

Through an online bachelor’s degree in the industrial-organizational psychology program, you can quickly learn the skills needed to conduct relevant research on leadership and the dynamics of the employee/employer relationship. I/O psychologist are also often hired to develop a management team based on everyone’s qualifications and talents, as they are trained to accurately assess personalities to create groups that can successfully work together as a team.

Furthermore, a master’s degree is typically required to work as an industrial-organizational psychologist; however, you will first need to earn your bachelor’s degree! If you are anxious to get started, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree programs. With your bachelor’s degree in this field, you will qualify for a position in business management, human resources or as an assistant to an I/O psychologist. As a stepping stone to getting your master’s degree, your skills and knowledge earned through your online bachelor’s degree program will assist you in eventually attaining the position you desire in this rewarding career choice.