What kind of career can I have with an online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice?

Do you have an interest in making this world a better place…for yourself, your family and your friends? Perhaps an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice would interest you. Let’s face it, crime affects every aspect of our lives. Everything from small businesses to large corporations, as well as, all of society has the need for protection and the enforcement of the law.

Criminal justice coursework educates you on the policies, laws and the operations of the crime system including law enforcement, our court system and corrections. You will learn how these three systems must work together to maintain peace and cohesiveness within our society. In criminal justice, you will learn all about law application and the legalities of the court system. Courses in legal writing and documents may be required, too.

Online criminal justice degree programs may also include classes in juvenile justice, policing, methods of investigations, psychology, statistics, victimology and corrections, just to name a few. Criminal justice is typically a four-year program.

An online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can earn you a variety of positions within the criminology field and they usually fall within two divisions: law enforcement and legal services. Law enforcement relates to the practice of criminal justice, for example, police, forensic psychologist or criminologist. The legal category includes services that provide legal representation to businesses or individuals, for instance, a lawyer or judge within the court system.

There are so many job opportunities to choose from when considering a career in criminal justice, simply because your degree envelops such a wide range. Here is a list of just a few suggestions to consider:

A U.S. Marshal’s position requires a bachelor’s degree with education in law, police work, foreign languages and criminal justice. They transport and supervise prisoners. They also provide protection for judges, jurors, and attorneys, as well as, arrest wanted fugitives.

Private Detectives support local agencies in their efforts to solve cases and often take on cases themselves that do not involve a criminal aspect. They often do undercover work relating to worker’s compensation claims, divorce suits and background checks.

Crime Scene Investigators search crime scenes to collect evidence and analyze it. With an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you will learn how to apply your knowledge to reconstruct past events to either convict or acquit the accused.

A Probation Officer often has a very rewarding career in helping to mold or reshape someone’s life. They assist and monitor parolees to aid in keeping them on the straight and narrow and to help them re-adjust to society through home and work visits.

The FBI Agent works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and they enforce federal laws and often specialize in one area of law enforcement after earning their degree and participating in new agent training consisting of approximately 1,000 hours of additional instruction in firearms, academics and case exercises. Areas to choose from may include organized crime, major thefts and terrorism. CIA Agents work for the Central Intelligence Agency helping the federal government to investigate domestic and foreign affairs and sometimes this is done secretly. If you are interested in becoming a CIA Agent, five years of investigative experience is required.

Additional criminal justice careers would include State Trooper, Police Officer, Correctional Officer, Computer Forensics Specialist, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent, DEA Agent, Homicide Detective and Blood Spatter Analyst.