What other career options, besides teaching, are available with an online Doctorate of English degree?

While there are several positions within the field of education with an online Doctorate degree in English that one can pursue, teaching and research may not be for everybody. In fact, earning a doctorate degree is not for everybody either. It takes a lot of hard work and an excellent program can be pricey. Whichever doctorate degree you are earning, it’s a good idea to research the career options, first, to see if it’s worth the investment. Here, we will discuss a few options for those who decide not to pursue a career in academics.

As a graduate from an online Doctorate of English program, one of the first career options you might consider is the obvious, which is a career in writing. With the extensive practice you have under your belt from working on your dissertation, you may choose to write a novel, or you may work for media types such as the newspaper, magazine, television or radio. If you do enjoy research, you may become a medical or scientific writer for the pharmaceutical industry. The typical salary for a medical writer can range from between $49,527 to upwards of $109,044 per year, with an average of $71,051 annually.

Are you the creative type? A professional writer takes some imagination and determination. Your PhD in English with a specialization in creative writing will help you develop your writing skills. Your degree will allow you to pursue careers within the fields of fiction writing, poetry or as a playwright. For those who prefer a specialization in professional writing, you will learn how to hone your technical writing skills, such as those needed for careers in the construction of business documents and governmental offices. You may also need to be fluent in one or two foreign languages for these careers. Depending on your writing experience and subject matter, the salary of a writer or author can range from between $43,130 – to $118,640 annually, with an average of $61,240 per year.

While earning an online Doctorate of English degree, you may want to consider a position in leadership. Many employers appreciate a Human Resource Manager that owns a doctorate degree that will help them communicate effectively with their employees. Management within this field will require excellent interpersonal skills while you handle issues or conflicts between management and employees, you will be required to assist in benefit packages, as well as, manage or oversee others while preparing payroll. You will be responsible for new hires and termination of employees, as well as, creating company policy while adhering to all legal requirements. In addition, with your online Doctorate of English degree, you’ll have the knowledge to conduct research to solve business related issues in an innovative way. The salary for a Human Resource Manager with a doctorate degree can be upwards of $104,440 annually. If you would like, you may eventually decide to try teaching others about human resources at the university level.

A Training and Development Manager’s position can also benefit greatly from earning their doctorate degree, for the gift of communicating effectively, in this position, is key to their success.  As a Training Manager you will be responsible for conducting orientations and overseeing the training for new hires, as well as, evaluating instructor’s effectiveness.  The knowledge gained from earning your doctorate degree will help you develop important time-saving techniques to improve your team’s production.  The typical salary for a Training and Development Manager is from between $87,283 – $109,983 annually, with an average of $97,741 per year, depending on experience, degree and job location.

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