What other career opportunities are available to me with my education in Diesel Mechanics?

If you have training in diesel mechanics, are you limited to this field only? That’s a question that is very common. After all, if you spend the time and money on formal educational training specifically in diesel mechanics, typically, most graduates want to pursue a career in the field. But, what happens if you don’t like it? Or, perhaps later you decide that you would like to transition into another related field.

Let’s look at a few employment options for those who are trained in diesel mechanics. To begin, let’s assume that you want to stay within the field of mechanics. Would you like to transition into auto mechanics? Although similar to diesel, an auto mechanic typically works with gasoline engines only. As in diesel mechanics, auto mechanics also require ASE certification to acquire maximum salary earning potential. Salaries are comparable to those of diesel mechanics at about $40,000 annually.

Heavy machinery and farm equipment often requires the diesel mechanic to travel to the jobsite for repairs. The mobile mechanic will need to have transportation and tools on board to make repairs in plants, construction sites or perhaps a corn field. Truckers who are broke down on the side of the interstate also often need the help of a mobile unit. Mobile mechanics can expect to earn approximately $50,000 annually.

Perhaps you have an interest in aircraft. Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics repair airplanes, as well as, maintenance on equipment used at airports and on runways. Salaries for this position pay $61,260 per year.

If you’d like to scale it down, small engine repair mechanics repair motorized equipment such as motorcycles, boat motors, lawnmower motors, weed trimmers and other outdoor power equipment. Average pay is about $36,000 per year.

It is very common for mechanics to transition into auto body collision repair and/or restoration. It is very helpful to know the mechanics of a car to properly restore the body. Making approximately $40,000 annually, you will be responsible for refinishing and replacing car body parts to restore it to its original condition, including glass replacement and paint.  Additional training will be required.

Your diesel mechanic training will also assist you in careers such as, power tool repair, as a vehicle emissions inspector or as a car repair adjuster for an insurance company.

As you can see, you can do many jobs with diesel mechanic training. However, if you would like to begin your career in this field, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools in Diesel Mechanics.