What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Bachelor of Industrial Organizational Psychology degree?

As an industrial-organizational psychologist, you will be responsible for maintaining a healthy work environment within the company that has hired you. Generally, your skills received from your online Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree program are considered to be a “starting point” to earning your master’s degree in this field. Although a master’s or doctoral degree is required to claim the title of “psychologist,” your bachelor’s degree will assist you in getting an entry-level job within the field.

As we all know, when you throw a group of strangers together to get a job done, the likelihood of everyone “getting along” is not very good. Personalities clash, some are more oppressive than others, some are plain lazy and don’t carry their weight, and there’s always the bully or gossiper that likes to stir the pot and keep dissension brewing. An industrial-organizational psychologist creates ways for everybody to seem appreciated and valued in their job; therefore, creating a sense of camaraderie with fellow workers and increased production.

Now, if you have not yet earned your master’s degree, without a doubt, your job search will be limited until you have received your “official” title. However, your training will help you in any type of employment you find. It will give you the knowledge needed to skillfully work with others, as well as, promote a sense of cohesiveness among your fellow employees and teammates. Which job would be a good choice for you with an online Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree in hand? Let’s look at a few possibilities you may want to consider.

A great way to use your bachelor’s degree immediately is in the area of business management. Business managers are open to any type of business. They oversee all office-related activities, such as accounting practices, mail distribution, and facility maintenance. In some instances, they are in charge of payroll, tax returns, and the personnel files, among many other duties. The business manager’s salary can vary greatly depending on experience, company size, and job location; however, typically the average salary is $94,020 per year.

Also, you will qualify for a position as a human resources manager with your online bachelor’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology. HR managers recruit new hires and handle employee-related issues, such as compensation, training, health benefits, as well as, resolving conflicts or misconduct in the workplace. The salary for a human resources specialist is $60,350 annually on average; however, the highest ten percent were reported as earning $103,500 or more annually, depending on experience.

If you would like to take advantage of a self-employment opportunity, your bachelor’s degree should give you the background you need to open your own management consultant business. In this position, you may choose to work independently, work for a company, or the government. You would analyze an organization’s efficiency and recommend changes to maximize profits and reduce costs. The average wages for a management consultant or analysts are between $82,450 and $152,210 annually, depending on various factors, such as experience and job location.

What else can you do? If you are lucky, you may find a job in which you can gain valuable experience in the field in which you are earning your degree in, which would be as an industrial-organizational psychologist’s assistant. In addition, you would qualify for a position in data analysis or as a public relations specialist. Your degree will also assist you in the fields of advertising and marketing.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree or your online Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree program is the end of your educational journey at this time, rest assured, just about every aspect of business or type of industry will benefit from your expert knowledge in the field.

Find a career that satisfies your needs and personality. If you would like to learn more, please see our list of the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology Degree Programs.