What kind of career and salary can I expect as a Floral Designer?

Floral designers arrange flowers in creative ways to produce arrangements for every occasion, therefore, a career in this artistic field is much desired. An expert in this field, most likely, has earned a career diploma in floral design. Although a formal education is not a requirement, it will certainly assist you in getting the position you desire.

The average salary of a floral designer employed by a florist shop is approximately $26,350 annually, according to the BLS, as of May 2017. This estimation can vary greatly depending on your experience and job title. For example, if you are in a management position or perhaps you are the owner of the establishment, you can expect to earn more.

Where can you work with a career diploma in floral design? As you work to create floral arrangements, you may wonder where your skills will be appreciated. For the most part, floral designers with certifications can find employment in florist shops, however, the projected growth rate between 2016 and 2026 seems to detect a 6% decline. This decline seems to be contributed to the technology of today, as consumers are busy with everyday activities such as work, raising a family and school functions, using online services to order flower arrangements are just more feasible. In one respect, this online format cuts down on the need for the personable, corner florist shop in a community. On the other hand, if you are established as a florist who works with online services, your business can flourish as you offer both services, in person and online.

So, should you pursue a position at a florist or aspire to own your own floral design business? Absolutely, if you desire to be your own boss, your online floral design diploma program will provide you with the technical skills needed to do so. There are many aspects of floral design that do require personal attention that you just can’t get by ordering flowers over the Internet. For example, if you provide exceptional work as a bridal floral designer, your exposure as a reputable florist concentrating in wedding venues can provide you with a lucrative business. In addition, the need for floral arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries and funerals are also always in demand.

The self-employed florist is often responsible for a variety of tasks such as, creating personal arrangements, handling customer service calls, business finances, as well as, making deliveries. Of course, as your business, grows, hopefully you can hire others to assist you, especially if you are hired to provide flowers for weddings or other large events.

In today’s era of the “one stop shop,” grocery stores, drug stores and the big box stores now often offer the convenience of purchasing flowers and arrangements at their stores. As you go into the store to buy a gallon of milk, you can also purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers for your sweetie. This convenient option is just that… convenient, however, it contributes to the 6% decrease in the local neighborhood florist shops.

Within the grocery store or similar outlet, most arrangements are not made to order. They are typically constructed and then displayed on shelves for customers to purchase. Internet floral companies also mass produce creations that are viewed by online consumers and then sent to the recipient or outsourced to local florists for delivery.

Whichever environment you prefer… you will enjoy working with the true gems of nature, you’ll be following your dreams and you will be responsible for countless smiles every day. What’s better than that? If you are interested in this field, please see our list for the best Online Schools for Floral Design programs.