What kind of a career and salary can I have in Locksmithing?

The Locksmith’s responsibilities can vary widely, however, in most applications, they will consist of opening and repairing locks, making keys and re-keying locks. Other duties may include installing and repairing safes, as well as, security alarm systems for the home and for the commercial setting.

A majority of Locksmiths are self-employed. Your day may be filled with a variety of tasks, no doubt, often requiring travel to get to the job site. In some instances, your customers may bring their locks or safes to you to be worked on in your workshop. Locksmiths often carry a brand name of locks, safes or security systems that they recommend, therefore, supplementing their incomes in sales. They also can provide routine maintenance of bank vault doors, safety deposit boxes, timer systems or teller machines for banks or other financial institutions or businesses.  In the event of an emergency, law enforcement officers generally need the assistance of a Locksmith when gaining entry into a home, business or automobile, therefore, please be advised that the Locksmith may be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The typical salary for a Locksmith can range widely, depending on experience and area of the country in which you are servicing, however, your salary can range from between $42,180 and $62,960 annually. Your salary may also depend on the type of industry you specialize in. According to the BLS, most Locksmiths are employed in the realm of investigative and security services, followed by universities and elementary schools, local government offices and healthcare facilities.

Within the field of locksmithing, for those who choose to share their talents in the field of aerospace products or parts manufacturing, earned the most in 2014 at approximately $62,000 per year. The lower salary of approximately $38,000 annually, was earned in the hardware field, however, Locksmiths in the field of security in our healthcare facilities, earned approximately $53,670 annually.

The job growth outlook for a Locksmith is expected to grow by 7% between now and 2022, partially due to the increase of crime. In this day and time, most people are concerned, as they should be, about the safety of their families, homes and possessions. They are taking extra precautions to ensure their feelings of security and protection.

Although limited, there are a few other occupations where a professional certificate in locksmithing would certainly be useful, however, not required. Generally speaking, if you are attending an online educational program in locksmithing, your goal is probably to be… a Locksmith. But, if you are able to take an abbreviated course in locksmithing, primarily to accompany your end goal, it may come in handy, as well.

Home Inspectors are typically hired by prospective home buyers or real estate agents to assess a property’s value and condition. Construction and Building Inspectors do the same in a commercial setting, therefore, knowledge in locksmithing may be utilized, in some capacity. Home Inspectors earn approximately $45,000 per year, while Construction and Building Inspectors can earn upwards of $88,830 annually, depending on experience and job location.

If you would like to learn more about this trade, please see our choices for Online Schools for Locksmithing Diplomas.