What career and salary can I have with my online Bachelor of Accounting degree?

A career in accounting offers many opportunities, in addition to, job security. The subject of accounting comes into play at every business or industry, whether it is considered to be a small family-owned business or a large conglomerate. Where monies are being exchanged, accounting personnel are needed.

But what position in accounting would best suit you and your needs? There are several to consider. Perhaps, the most popular choice is that of the Certified Public Accountant, or CPA. In most cases, additional education will be needed besides your bachelor’s degree and you will need to pass the CPA exam. With CPA certification, your salary and hiring potential increases exponentially. As of May 2017, the average salary of today’s CPA is approximately $69,350 annually, however, some earn upwards of $122,220 per year, depending on experience.

Also, within the same pay scale as the accountant, is a position as an internal auditor. These professionals are often certified and must stay up-to-date on current tax codes and regulatory rules. Most industries have internal auditors who work tirelessly to ensure that an organization’s internal control process is running smoothly and efficiently. They oversee risk management, improve operation efficiency and makes sure that government regulations are met.

Would you like to combine your online Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with your interest in the legal system? Forensic Accountants often investigate cases such as, divorce, securities fraud and bankruptcies. They look for hidden assets, identify theft or embezzlement and investigate fraudulent insurance claims. A Forensic Accountant is often asked to testify in a court of law. The average salary in this capacity is $72,500 annually.

Within an online Bachelor’s degree in Accounting program, you may have developed an interest in cost accounting. Most manufacturers utilize those that can collect and analyze material and labor costs. They often offer advice on where costs can be cut or where money should be spent. In addition, they review future projects and evaluate possible profit outcomes. A Cost Accountant earns approximately $63,110 annually.

Most of us have negative feelings about Tax Collectors, Examiners or Revenue Agents, but if you become one, you will earn approximately $53,130 annually, however, salaries for IRS special agents are based on several factors, such as, educational degree, years of experience and length of employment. They review tax returns, collect overdue taxes and conduct audits.

The above career choices are just a few to consider, for there are many other opportunities available with your online Bachelor of Accounting degree. An accounting career is often considered an office job, working forty hours per week, Monday through Friday, however, tax season might demand lots of overtime and can create a stressful working environment. In most cases, room for advancement is available, if so desired. Some positions require travel.

If you are interested in this field, please see our choices for the Top 20 Online Accounting Degree Programs. Good luck in your endeavors!