What career and salary can I pursue with my online Bachelor of Business Administration degree?

A career in business administration will allow you to have a lucrative career in most any field, as most businesses are in need of qualified personnel to run their companies smoothly and efficiently. As you think about an area of specialization, while earning your online Bachelor of Business Administration degree, you may want to consider a career in one of the following areas:

The Human Resource Manager can make up to $104,440 annually, depending on experience and size of company. Their duties include handling the hiring process of new employees, in addition to, the termination process. They typically handle all employee benefits, such as, vacation and sick leave policies, as well as, insurance benefit programs. Sometimes, their duties include processing payroll and complying with payroll tax laws and regulations.

The Advertising and Promotions Manager will use their business knowledge in establishing advertising campaigns in a creative and innovative manner, along with, offering attention-getting promotions to motivate potential buyers. A good Advertising Manager can create a public interest in their company’s product or services and is also responsible for all promotional materials. The typical salary for this position is approximately $95,890 annually, with a range from between $70,000 – $100,000 per year, however, that can vary greatly, depending on the market in your area.

Sales Managers benefit greatly from earning their online Bachelor of Business Administration degrees. They are tasked with leading a company’s sales department, implementing sales plans and promotions, in addition to, training other personnel and creating goals for their team. They should also be great motivators and communicators. A Sales Manager’s salary will primarily be based on the size of company you work for, as well as, how many sales are made, however, your salary may average from between $80,000 – $113,680 annually, depending on various factors.

You may also want to consider a career within financial services. A Financial Agent is responsible for providing you with the financial advice you need to make informed decisions about your economic future. They typically offer banking services, retirement advice and are informative about insurance needs and how to make sound financial investments. Financial Sales Agents can earn salaries from between $95,200 to upwards of $150,000 annually, depending on experience and job market location.

With an online Bachelor of Business Administration degree, you may want to explore the area of international business. While exploring the world seems quite glamorous, your duties would be rather rigorous. You will need to be fluent in several languages, however, you can work in a variety of business sectors, such as, in sales, consulting, imports and exports, advertising and management. At first, you will gain experience domestically before venturing out into other countries. In addition, you may be required to eventually earn your master’s degree to advance in your career. Within the realm of international business, many factors can apply to job salaries, however, a Management Analyst’s average salary was $91,770 per year and a Marketing Manager’s average salary was $140,660 annually in May 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As you can imagine, there are many different types of careers that are attainable with your online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. They are often found in the private or public sectors, and in most any type of industry. If you so choose, your BBA degree paired with an entrepreneurship degree is an excellent way to gain confidence and knowledge when planning to start your own business.

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