What type of career and salary can I obtain with an online Bachelor of Fire Science degree?

Firefighters protect citizens from all types of potential danger. However, perhaps the most popular position to strive for with an online Bachelor of Fire Science degree would be that of the fire captain; although some battalions may require a master’s degree for this job. In this supervisory position, a fire captain oversees all departments, such as administration, as well as, the firefighting crews, emergency medical teams, and hazardous materials brigades within their site. A fire captain’s salary will vary greatly depending on the station location. In larger cities, they can make upwards of $85,503 to $149,163 per year. Smaller municipals pay less at approximately $65,483 annually.

Also, many firefighters choose to concentrate their efforts in the field of forest fires. Experience and training in the field of fire ecology are essential in this position. Fighting massive wildfires can be entirely different from the usual house fire. Forest firefighters must know how to gain control of flames, sometimes by creating intentional fires. Generally, in this capacity, firefighters are paid approximately $50,520 per year.

Often, fire inspectors are required to have an online bachelor’s degree in fire science, as well. Knowing the characteristics of fire and how they start allows fire inspectors an insight on how to prevent them. Inspectors carefully inspect buildings and blueprints to determine fire safety and escape routes. They also examine sprinkler systems and alarms to ensure proper working order. Fire inspectors must be familiar with state fire codes and look for all potential fire hazards as they inspect residential and commercial buildings.

Fire investigators come on to the scene after a fire has caused damage or sometimes, injury or death. With an online bachelor’s degree in fire science in hand, a fire investigator can earn upwards of between $54,000 to $89,000 per year, depending on experience, as well as, the job location. Fire inspectors must determine the source of a fire. In some instances, arson is involved so they must collect evidence to build a case. At this position, you will work closely with insurance companies and attorneys, in addition to, law enforcement personnel.

Although becoming a firefighter may not necessarily require a formal educational degree, it will undoubtedly set you apart from the competition vying for the same job description. Firefighters generally earn between $47,720 to $75,520 annually, depending on job location and experience. Firefighters typically are also trained in emergency medical procedures. They must be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers, fire hoses, along with, fire trucks and other related equipment.

The profession of firefighting is a noble and courageous career choice, without a doubt. And, as with many other public service positions, salaries do not always commensurate with the danger and sacrifice that firefighters endure; however, by adding an online Bachelor of Fire Science degree to your resumé, you can expect the rewards of a higher earning potential, which is much deserved.

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