What career and salary can I expect with an online Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education?

If you are truly passionate about caring for young children, earning an online Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education is a wise decision. The awesome role of being a positive influence and mentor to a young child is beyond fulfilling and rewarding.

Let’s review a few career options in the field of Early Childhood Education that might interest you and perhaps you can find one that is a good fit for you. The most popular career to embark upon in early child development, is in the field of teaching preschool. Preschool Teachers typically work with students between the ages of three to five years old. Tasked with shaping the minds of children by teaching the alphabet, numbers and social skills, the preschool teacher earns between $28,570 –$48,660 per year, with an average of $30,750 annually.

A Childcare Center Director often supervises preschool workers such as teachers and assistants. They oversee maintenance issues and meal preparations, as well as, maintain relationships between students, families and workers. Daycare Directors must adhere to all state regulations and see that their facility can pass regular inspections. The salary for this position is approximately $45,790 annually.

For parents who both work and need the services of a daycare, they might consider the private care that a Nanny will provide. The applicant with an online Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education will take precedence over other nominees for positions related to child care who do not have the distinction. A Nanny takes on responsibilities such as taking kids to soccer practice or dance lessons. They plan daily activities and work with the child in learning basic pre-kindergarten requirements. A Nanny offers emotional support while the parent is away and treats the child as if they were their own within the child’s own home atmosphere. A Nanny’s salary can vary greatly, however, some earn an hourly rate of $16.00 per hour. Salaries also depend on if you do or do not live within the family’s home.

Those with mild to moderate learning disabilities may need the attention of a Special Education Teacher. In this field, the teacher must adapt the usual scholastic lessons, such as, math, reading and writing, to accommodate for the various needs of students with a wide range of emotional, learning, mental or physical disabilities. The average salary for a Special Education Teacher may range from between $38,890 to upwards of $94,200 annually, with an average of $58,500 per year. With a sincere love of children with disabilities, a Special Education Teacher works diligently in assuring parents, as well as, their students that they are in a safe and secure learning environment. They may be hired to work on a one-on-one basis or with a group specific to one disability.

As a Teacher’s Assistant, you will earn approximately $24,900 annually. Your duties will include assisting teachers in lesson planning, checking homework assignments, grading tests, in addition to, offering individualized help to students in need. They are also charged with maintaining classroom order, enforcing class rules and assisting in physical education activities.

If you would like to pursue a career in this field, please see our choices of the Top Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education Online Degree Programs that we have compiled for your convenience.