What career and salary can I expect with an online Bachelor’s degree in Finance?

Are you wondering what career is right for you? With your online Bachelor’s degree in Finance, there are many to choose from. Let’s review a few to see what career may interest you.

A Financial Manager oversees long-term goals for businesses, large corporations or government agencies. They maintain cash flow management, monitor investment activities and lead a team to reach the client’s overall financial goals. The average salary for a Financial Manager is approximately $117,990 annually. For this position, five years of experience in a finance-related field may be required and additional certifications may be preferred.

Have you ever applied for a loan? A Loan Officer, most likely, is the person who helped you out with that process. They are responsible for evaluating and approving applications for individuals or corporations. These positions can be found in commercial, mortgage or consumer lending institutions. If you are interested in advancement, additional certification may be required. The typical salary for a Loan Officer averages $63,430 per year.

Personal Financial Advisors concentrate on financial matters that affect individuals personally, for example, from the everyday expenses to the future of saving for retirement. They assess insurance protection and advise on potential investments, estate planning and tax preparations. You may be employed by a company or, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may choose to run your own personal finance company. The average salary for a Personal Financial Advisor is $90,640 annually.

While earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Finance, you may want to consider a career as a Securities, Commodities and Financial Services Sales Agent. They specialize in the sale and purchase of financial securities, in addition to, all types of commodities. They often are referred to as Brokers, Investment Bankers or Traders. Agents of this type give advice about potential investors, acquisitions or mergers. The typical salary for this position is approximately $71,550 per year. Registration and licensure is required.

A Financial Analyst earns an average of $80,310 annually while researching a client’s financial situation. They assess past financial history, along with, past and future investments. A Financial Analyst learns what works for a company and what does not. They then pass information on to the client to help with minimizing risks and maximizing profits. Most Financial Analysts must be licensed.

If your interest lies in banking, perhaps a Bank Branch Manager would be a good career choice. Depending on the bank name, size and location, a Branch Manager can earn between $58,120 – $187,199 per year, with an average of $137,220 annually. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a bank such as, the management of business administration, sales, customer service, operations, human resources and employee training. They inspire to meet goals and objectives in a timely manner as per bank requirements to maximize profits and productivity.

As a holder of an online Bachelor’s degree in Finance, your studies will prepare you for most entry-level positions within the world of finance, however, a nice GPA and internship experience will be most helpful, as well, to obtain your dream job. If your goal is to advance into management and increase your paycheck, a Master’s degree may be required. If you would like to learn more about this field, please see our list of the Top 10 Online Bachelor of Finance Degree Programs.