What kind of career and salary can I expect with an online Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design?

There are several occupations or similar careers in which you will find an online Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design extremely helpful. Of course, the obvious career choice in this field is to become an Interior Designer. The average salary for this position is $49,810 per year. Their duties include combining functionality with style, in hopes of creating a livable and comfortable space. Interior Designers can choose to focus on residential, commercial or restoration specializations.

Often Interior Designers become interested in pursuing a career as an Architect. This position requires a bachelor’s degree, in addition to, internship experience. The salary for an Architect is approximately $76,930 annually, depending on experience and the scope of projects. Architects design and provide detailed blueprint plans for a variety of structures such as, a client’s home, healthcare facilities or factories, just to name a few. They meet with clients to determine a need and present ideas that will meet the client’s needs. In addition, they work closely with engineers and construction project managers to assure that their plans can be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A Floral Designer’s career often stems from an interest in interior design. Florists cut and arrange flowers for arrangements for special occasions, such as, weddings, funerals or other special events. They can work with either fresh or silk flowers and greenery. A Floral Designer’s salary is approximately $25,850 per year, however, your earning potential can increase if you decide to open your own flower shop business.

If you are interested in a management position within interior design, perhaps a career as a Design Project Manager is for you. The typical salary for this title is $56,706 annually. In addition to your online Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, you will also need to be proficient in software such as, Computer Aided Design (CAD) to reach your earning potential. A Design Project Manager designs and delivers presentations to the client and works to oversee that all aspects of a design project are completed from start to finish. You will be asked to meet with clients, as well as, act on their behalf during the construction or remodel process. Management is responsible for revisions, scheduling and meeting deadlines.

If you would like to take your “interior” design experience and apply it to the outside, you may decide to pursue a career as a Landscape Architect. In today’s society, most homeowners enjoy expanding their outdoor living space by making it as cozy and functional as the inside with outdoor sitting areas, fireplaces and designer kitchens. In addition, beautiful landscaping plans are designed by a Landscape Architect. Other design areas of interest may involve recreational facilities, parks or campuses. You will be expected to create 3-D models, as well as, meet with clients and prepare presentations. The average salary for this position is $63,480 per year.

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