What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Bachelor’s degree in Special Education?

There are many careers available to those who decide to earn their online Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, with some having direct interaction with students in a school setting and some offering alternative careers in administration. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, earning potential is an important consideration. Below are a few career options that might interest you.

The most obvious and most popular career in Special Education, of course, would be that of a Special Education Teacher. They work with children within the grades of kindergarten through seniors in high school who have learning or physical disabilities such as autism, emotional disorders or behavioral disorders. Although depending on the grade level you are teaching, salaries can range from between $40,915 – $65,515 per year, with an average of $56,800 annually.

A Speech and Language Pathologist works closely with students to assess, diagnose and implement treatment plans to students with speech disorders or are unable to communicate effectively. Although the preferred degree for this position is a master’s degree, earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Special Education will certainly get you well on your way. The typical salary for a Speech and Language Pathologist can be upwards of $103,630 annually. A career as an Educational Audiologist, one who assists with hearing impaired students, also starts out with a bachelor’s degree, however, with a master’s or doctoral degree in this specialty, the average salary can be upwards of $102,210 annually.

While earning your Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, perhaps a career as an Early Intervention Specialist is of interest to you. In this concentration, you will help students to overcome the challenges of day-to-day activities in life that most of us take for granted. Children with behavioral problems or learning disabilities often will need help in diffusing a crisis before it escalates or they may need help with their academic difficulties. Your duties will involve helping the student, in addition to their families, learn how to cope as smoothly as possible. At-risk youth, teen pregnancy and substance abuse issues are addressed, as well. The average salary for this position earns from between a range of $37,540 – $60,760, depending on experience and educational degree.

If you are interested in physical education, a career as an Adaptive Special Education Teacher may be for you. Many students who are faced with developmental disabilities also have physical adversities to overcome. A Bachelor’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in physical education will allow you the opportunity to help your students overcome their challenges by achieving physical goals. You will be tasked with assessing, developing and implementing programs that meet the individualized student’s physical educational needs. Salaries range from between $30,867 – $57,442 annually.

In addition, there are careers in tutoring that are available for students who need extra help with classwork to those with social anxiety and need extra help adjusting to the outside world. For children with developmental disabilities, they may be more comfortable learning in a home setting, therefore, a homeschooling teacher is hired to take over. They work closely with students and parents to create curricula that is a good fit for each individualized student. Some school districts hire Learning Disability Teacher Consultants to specifically develop instructional material catered to children with special needs. Other careers as Reading Specialists and Guidance Counselors all benefit from earning an online Bachelor’s degree in Special Education.

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