What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Bachelor’s degree in Web Design?

Your online bachelor’s degree in web design will allow you many career possibilities and as with most students, perhaps your career decision hinges on your potential future earnings. Internet publishers, advertising firms and multimedia companies all have excellent career opportunities available to the web design degree holder.

Let’s look at a few areas of expertise within the web design realm to see what might interest you. The following job descriptions and earnings are average salary ranges that are subject to company size, job location and years of experience.

A Web Designer designs and builds websites. They must be creative and have an extensive knowledge of language programs to create websites for the customer’s needs. Websites must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functional. A Web Designer earns approximately $52,000 – $65,000 annually.

Graphic Designers create visual ideas to communicate a concept that will help inform or attract the consumer’s attention, most often for advertisements or magazines. They typically earn between $63,500 – $91,000 per year.

Web Programmers are experts in translating certain tasks, such as website orders taken by credit cards, into the programming language needed to achieve the goal, as well as other technical aspects of a website. Programmers earn between $53,620 – $91,000 per year.

A Web Animator, also known as a Multimedia Animator, creates moving illustrations using 2-D and 3-D computer software. They typically earn $81,000 annually.

A Mobile Application Developer is responsible for creating, testing and programming application software for computers while earning $78,232 per year.

Game Developers create video games by constructing a story line, writing the codes and executing the programming by developing the software involved to bring a video game to the consumer. The Game Developer’s salary ranges between $45,320 – $129,700 annually.

An Information Architect is responsible for the structural design of websites, such as organizing and labelling websites, intranets, extranets and the software that supports them while dealing with intricate information systems. An IA tech earns a lucrative salary of $92,891 per year.

A User Experience Designer is concerned with the usability of a company’s website assuring accessibility and customer interaction. This career earns a salary in the range of $47,018 – $101,286 annually, depending on experience.

The Technology Integration Specialist maximizes the use of instructional software and other resources to assist with excellence in teaching and learning. They work closely with technical staff and earn an income of approximately $65,700 per year.

Web Developers may design websites, however, they more often are hired to maintain them using a variety of computer languages to make them more efficient and functional with other computer systems. Web Developers earn a salary of between $51,000 – $76,000.

The Search Engine Optimizer is responsible for the visibility of a website through search engines. They monitor website activity and rankings. The SEO’s salary is approximately $42,862 annually.

Web Administrators, or Webmasters, are familiar with a variety of different languages and protocols. They manage web pages, identify current or potential problems and correct server or page issues. They perform data backups and monitor firewalls. Web Administrators earn between $63,423 – $87,709 per year, depending on experience.

Do you see a career here that might interest you? As you can see, an online bachelor’s degree in web design can provide you with many interesting and profitable career options. See our Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Web Design!