What kind of career and salary can I have with my online Doctor of Education degree?

Typically, the online Doctorate degree in Education program will prepare the student to enter the field of teaching, research or in a position as a supervisor or in administration. Perhaps you are wondering what sort of positions and salary may be available to those with a doctoral degree.  Let’s take a look at a few options.

As a Professor at the university level, you may be hired to instruct a wide array of academic topics or to concentrate on your chosen specialty. You may be hired to teach undergraduate or graduate students primarily through labs, class assignments and lectures. The salary for a Professor in postsecondary education varies greatly depending on the subject you are teaching and the school itself. The salary in this field ranges widely from between $28,870 – $121,850 annually, with an average of $58,830 per year.

As a School Superintendent, you will be required to maintain order within the regional school system. You must adhere to the policies and regulations set forth by the local school board. A Superintendent has their hands in most every aspect including managing a school’s budget, as well as, leadership and general management. They create curricula to help each grade reach their educational potential. Earning your online Doctorate degree in Education will give you the knowledge required to successfully obtain a position in this field. The expected salary ranges from between $125,139 to upwards of $184,856 annually, depending on the school district size and location.

If you would like to be of service to college students, they will rely on you, as their Director of Student Services, to assist them with the financial aid applications, counseling about career options and educational degrees, in addition to, the admissions process. You may also be required to assist in school planning and budget activities as a Director of Student Services. As job prospects for this field are increasing, you should expect a salary ranging from between $68,433 – $131,310 annually, depending on experience and location.

With your online Doctorate degree in Education, you may want to consider a position as a school Principal. They manage the day-to-day activities and safety of the school’s students. The Principal also will oversee the staff, including teachers, administrators, counselors and other personnel to assure a positive learning experience for each student. They also help to create the appropriate curricula for each grade. Depending on location and the size of the school, Principals earn from between $59,070 to $131,310 per year, with an average of $90,410 annually.

The Education Administrator is responsible for assisting teachers with administering the required curricula and works as a liaison between faculty and the school Superintendent by supporting, directing and coordinating school activities. They work closely with public agencies, as well as, colleges and universities. The Education Administrator can be found at the elementary, middle school, high school or college levels. The average salary for this career is $81,500 annually, however, that can range from between $64,000 – $96,000 per year, depending on experience.

With an online Doctorate degree in Education, there are many lucrative occupations to choose from. Whether you choose a career in academia, management or in the exciting field of research, rest assured you will enjoy the fruits of your labor as a career in education is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling options available.

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