What career and salary can I look forward to with my online Doctor of Information Technology degree?

Through an online Doctor of Information Technology degree program, you will gain an understanding of the comprehensive studies required to obtain a prominent position in the field of computer systems. Without a doubt, your opportunities will be plentiful, and your advanced education on the topic will help you gain respect in the world of computer technology that you deserve. What will you choose to do with your online Doctor of Information Technology degree?

With an online doctorate degree in hand, perhaps you are interested in a management position. Most employers will require this advanced degree to qualify for such a career choice and the depth of responsibility expected of you. An information technology manager works closely with others in a company to meet the needs of their technology departments. You will introduce and implement the latest in computer software technology, as well as, oversee other employees and projects within the IT department. Hiring, firing and training employees will also add to your duties. You will also need excellent leadership and communication skills for this job. According to the BLS, as of May 2017, computer and information systems managers earn an average salary of approximately $139,220 annually; however, the highest ten percent earned upwards of $208,000 per year.

Another career option that will require a distinguished graduate degree, such as a Ph.D. in Information Technology, is that of the IT professor. If you would like to educate others about information technology, this degree is almost always a requirement, depending on the university. Also, if you would love to concentrate on research and development, the Ph.D. IT degree is for you, as well. A professor at the university level earns $76,000 or more annually, depending on your experience and the university location.

Here’s another opportunity to consider. With an online Doctor of Information Technology degree and up to five years of IT experience, you may want to think about a career in information technology architecture. In a managerial role, you will oversee teams that are trained in the designing and building aspects of data communication networks. You would also be responsible for security systems, meeting compliance laws and the other requirements of a company’s or organization’s technical needs. As of May 2017, computer network architects earn $104,650 annually, according to the BLS.

Generally, in the field of information technology, a bachelor’s or master’s degree is sufficient; however, if you would like to advance into management, earning an online Doctor of Information Technology degree is indeed an option for you and is occasionally a job requirement. Also, within the field of leadership, you may want to pursue opportunities in web development, information security or perhaps, in database administration; all careers that can easily be obtained with a bachelor’s degree, however, management in these fields may require a graduate degree.

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