What career and salary can I expect with my online Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction?

Whether you would like to use your online Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction degree within a specialization or as a generalized degree, rest assured you will have plenty of rewarding and unique opportunities to showcase your talents. A career in education can cover a wide array of options depending on your interests. As you explore your options, your graduate degree may not necessarily confine you to the field of education; however, careers in school administration are the most popular choices.

As a school’s director of curriculum, you will be expected to oversee and assess the learning materials used in public and private schools, make sure government standards are met, and work closely with educators to create an innovative learning environment. The director of curriculum position, also known as an instructional coordinator, earns approximately $63,750 or more annually, depending on your experience. As positive educational growth of each student is of utmost importance today, positions in this field are expected to grow 11% between 2016 and 2026.

If you would prefer to work one-on-one with students, postsecondary education instructors are trained to teach others about curriculum and instruction. They help established educators become more productive and effective in the classroom by introducing new teaching methods, innovative technology, along with ways to create new and exciting learning materials. In this capacity, postsecondary education instructors earn $76,000 or more per year.

School superintendents often have earned an online Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction degree to assist them in their duties. Within a larger school district, your doctoral degree in this field will be much appreciated. Your salary can range from between $128,274 and $189,489 per year, with an average of $157,035 annually.  In this top executive position, you will oversee the daily functions of every school in your district.  You will hire and supervise staff, as well as, manage finances, review educational programs and anticipate the needs of each facility.

With your online Doctor of Curriculum and Instruction degree, perhaps you would like to avoid the private and public school sectors. Will your skills be useful elsewhere? Of course, they will. Often, nonprofit organizations, adult education programs or continuing education programs will need your services, as well as, civilian-military education organizations and other types of alternative schools. You will also qualify for positions in corporate training and development, human resources, as a textbook editor, or in government agencies or consulting firms.

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