What sort of career and salary can I earn with my online Doctorate of Public Administration degree?

If you have decided to pursue an online Doctorate of Public Administration degree, perhaps you may question if the time, effort and energy is worth the cost of your program. Although online versions are typically less costly than attending a traditional university, classes still can be expensive. Perhaps the end result and the career you would like to pursue will be worth the expense.

Let’s look at a few options that are available to those who have completed an online Doctorate of Public Administration degree program. Typically, the earning of the doctorate degree will point to a teaching position as a university Professor, however, not always. But, if you decide to remain in academia, the typical salary for a Professor at the college level can vary greatly depending on subject matter taught, location, educational degree and experience, however, it may range from between $75,000 – $100,000 annually.

A Political Scientist made, as of May of 2016, approximately $114,290 annually. They study the operations of our political systems. They analyze political ideas and political trends, and often work in an office setting.

As a Governmental Official, most likely, they have been elected or appointed by a higher authority. However, with your online Doctorate of Public Administration degree, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to lead the public in whichever cause or issue that is required at the time. Salaries range widely between $50,000 – $200,000 annually with official salaries, in addition to, wages earned in speaking engagements, etc. Each official’s salary depends on the office held, location, as well as, government level, such as, in the local, state or federal system.

A City Planner has a close relationship with the community in which they work with. They help make communities pleasant places to live and work in, as well as, to raise a family in and to enjoy the entertainment that it has to offer. Many communities need extra help, for instance, perhaps parks need to be provided or entertainment venues need to be built. Other duties may include dealing with zoning issues and meeting with community leaders to help them provide for the residents. You will be required to do extensive research and to meet with many types of local employees such as contractors, police officers and public transportation personnel. The average salary for this position varies due to city size and location, however, typically a City Planner can earn $70,020 annually.

If you are interested in the field of security, your online Doctorate of Public Administration degree will allow you to focus in the field of National Security. Within this field, you will do extensive research, compile intelligence reports and administer briefings, in hopes of keeping our country safe.  Payscale reports the salary of an Intelligence Analyst to be an average of $50,868 annually. A Data Scientist makes an average of $68,167 annually, with a Cyber Security Analyst making approximately $65,003 per year. An Intelligence Officer’s salary averages $118,590 annually. As you can see, National Security salaries will depend on which level of security you are working for.

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