What kind of career and salary is available to me with an online Ed.D. degree in Organizational Leadership?

Students who earn an online Ed.D. degree in organizational leadership may choose from a variety of job titles. The Ph.D. holder primarily focuses on academics and research, while the Ed.D. holder is mostly relatable to those who wish to work in a professional capacity, either as a corporate manager or a director in the field of academics, among many others. Through an online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree program in organizational leadership, you can experience management in a whole new way as you learn effective methods of supervising an individual and direction within a group of people. Popular career options for those who earn an online Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership include work environments such as in government, nonprofit businesses, healthcare, corporations or in the field of education. Let’s look at a few options you might like to consider with your new credentials in hand.

Perhaps the most popular choice for recent graduates with an online Ed.D. degree in organizational leadership to consider is in the realm of education. If you want to pursue a teaching career, perhaps the Ph.D. degree is for you. However, if you are not interested in becoming a professor but would like to stay in the field of education, a college dean or administrator is an excellent option to ponder. A university dean or administrator oversees academics and the faculty, as well as, student services. These jobs are found at the private or public-school sector. The average salary for an educational administrator at the postsecondary level is approximately $92,360 per year, according to the BLS in May of 2017. Within education, other possible job careers include school principal or the superintendent of schools.

If you wish to remain in the corporate world, you would be qualified to run a business of any size, from a small family-owned business interested in expanding or to a large conglomerate already established and in good standing. As a Chief Executive Officer, your leadership skills will help you run things smoothly and efficiently. A CEO’s salary can be upwards of $200,000 annually, depending on the size of the company and your experience.

Another significant role to consider is that of the human resource manager. In this capacity, your psychological and sociological training in organizational leadership will help you effectively lead employees to ensure profits, as well as, a cohesive work environment. With a 9% job growth increase expected between 2016 and 2016, a human resource manager can earn up to $110,120 or more annually, according to the BLS, as of May 2017.

How would you like to combine your interest in organizational leadership with the field of healthcare? With an online Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership degree, a position as a healthcare administrator may be for you. They are responsible for the coordination of medical services and patient relations. This impressive position provides a salary of approximately $98,350 per year. Of course, depending on the location and size of the facility, and your experience, you can eventually expect upwards of $175,000 or more per year. The job outlook for this field is expected to grow positively by 20% between 2016 and 2026 making it an excellent opportunity to consider.

What else can you do? Most anything you please. Other considerations include self-employment by opening your own consulting business or a career as a director of marketing, operations manager, training and development manager or a director of quality systems. Let OnlineSchoolsCenter. Com help you find a school that fits your end goal as you review our list of the Best Online Schools for Ed.D.in Organizational Leadership Degree Programs.