What kind of career and salary can I expect to earn with my online Master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder?

When you can earn a living while doing something you love, that is wonderful, however, when you add to that the personal satisfaction of helping others, then you are truly very fortunate. An online master’s degree in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder will provide you a challenging, yet rewarding career opportunity.

Autism Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome patients are just some of the individuals within the realm of Autism Spectrum Disorder that are included in a wide array of neurological disorders. They sometimes have social or repetitive behaviors, although, they also can possess extremely unique and exceptional gifts, as well. Some patients need to be guided through everyday life skills such as communication, dressing, toileting and interacting with others. With an increase in ASD in today’s society, job security is prevalent and expected to rise.

Let’s look at a few careers available to the online master’s degree graduate in Autism Disorder Syndrome:

A Board Certified Behavioral Therapist (BCBA) may or may not work with autistic patients exclusively. They, as certified therapist, work with individuals who are displaying behavior difficulties. As a therapist, you will be responsible for changing one’s behavior in a positive way by learning the client’s personality and skills, and of course, developing a behavioral treatment plan designed exclusively for them. Licensure is required. The average salary of a Board Certified Behavioral Therapist is between $46,641 – $58,000 per year, however, salaries for this career are affected by location, experience and individual employers.

An Autistic Spectrum Disorder Specialist modifies behavior within children and adults with neurobehavioral disorders. They are responsible for helping clients work on their interaction skills with others and their educational goals, in addition to, conducting evaluations to determine the degree of severity and provide individualized plans of care. ASD Specialists can be found in the clinic setting or in schools and their typical salary averages $56,800 annually, depending on education, experience and location.   At the master’s degree level, a license to be a teacher and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst certification may be a state requirement.

Special Education Teachers are one of the most important people in the life of a child battling Autism and perhaps one of the most well-known and popular career choices for those seeking their online master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Children who are challenged by their physical, emotional or developmental capacity find that they may need assistance throughout their school years. Helping a child through these challenging and informative years to help them strive towards independence as adults is one of the most rewarding career opportunities available. The Special Education Teacher earns an average salary of between $55,980 – $57,820 annually, depending on at which school level you are teaching. Licensure may be required per your state’s laws.

A Social Worker’s responsibility is to improve the behavioral and functionality of the child with ASD within the school and the home environment. They tend to work more closely with families and their home life than other therapists, however, a Social Worker will collaborate with therapists and doctors to assure cohesiveness among classmates and siblings by providing family support. The average salary for a Social Worker is $45,900 – $60,146 annually.

As with all mental health and teaching professions, be certain to check your state’s laws and requirements. If you are interested in an online master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders, check out our choices for the Best Online Schools in this field.