What kind of career and salary can I expect with an online Master’s degree in International Relations?

The field of international relations is a popular academic choice. In hopes of making the world a better place to live, they study the effects of economic trends and social, cultural and political issues and how they are related in today’s world. If you graduate with a master’s degree in international relations, then your degree will be most impressive to prospective employers.

As you embark upon obtaining your master’s degree in international relations, you may be interested in knowing what kind of career and salary you can expect to earn. Since the IR degree is considered an interdisciplinary degree, it provides the student many career options because of the numerous academic paths one can take while earning this master’s degree.

Let’s review a few career choices available to the master’s degree holder in international relations:

An Economist will analyze a company, primarily in areas such as sales and product demands, to help them maximize their profits or they may work for research firms to analyze economic issues. An economist earns a median salary of between $60,000 – $99,180 annually, depending on years of experience.

Political Analysts study subjects such as political decision-making and public opinions. They conduct surveys and review election results and public documents. The Political Analysts earns a median salary of $84,232 per year, depending on experience and job location. The Federal Government Political Analyst in the Washington, DC area earns a median salary of $94,394 annually, while a CIA Political Analyst in Washington, DC earns $81,572 per year.

The field of diplomacy may very well be the most well-known international relations career. Although, you may choose to work as a Foreign Service Officer, it is a tedious and lengthy year-long process to be approved for the job. A FSO often works at any number of embassies around the world in which they may attend treaty conferences or may be fighting human trafficking. Foreign Service Officers typically earn $99,327 annually, depending on experience, location and education. Don’t forget to brush up on your foreign languages for this position; it will come in handy.

An Intelligence Specialist can work in branches of the military or security departments of the national government. They maintain databases, files and libraries, they conduct mission reports utilizing data, charts and maps and collect operational data to assure accuracy. The Intelligence Specialist earns a median salary of between $47,936 – $103,643 annually, depending on which agency you are employed by and your experience.

With an online master’s degree in international relations, you may choose to pursue a career as an Immigration Specialist. You will be responsible for overseeing the immigration program for foreign citizens by assisting them with all paperwork, including visas, and ensuring that they are filed in an accurate and timely manner. With a master’s degree, you may earn an average salary of between $66,538 – $72,733 annually.

The International Lawyer’s salary, with a few years of experience, is approximately $90,000 per year with the potential to make upwards of $150,000 annually, depending on location and years of experience. Duties may include finance, mediation and issues involving trade, therefore, they must know laws and policies that apply to each individual country. As an International Lawyer, you may choose to work in the private sector or as a government lawyer responsible for the lives of people worldwide promoting peace and cohesiveness amongst all nations.

Professionals who have earned their online master’s degree in international relations find themselves in a variety of occupations including journalism, international business, security, lobbyist, language specialist and positions with other government agencies. Your online master’s degree in IR will provide you with a wide array of career choices.