What career and salary opportunities are available after graduation from my online school Doctor of Social Work degree program?

What goals have you met while cruising along the educational journey to get your doctorate degree? If you’ve put in the blood, sweat, and tears of earning an online Doctor of Social Work degree, you should meet the career requirements for that job you’ve always dreamed about. The sky’s the limit, without a doubt!

A career in social work may depend upon which type of degree you obtained. A Ph.D. will allow you to teach at the college or university level or perhaps, you may choose to conduct relevant research in the field of social work. The typical salary for a university professor ranges from between $76,000 and $170,000 annually. Please consider that there are many variables when considering a teaching position within a university. Most salaries are based on experience, degree level, in addition to, the school’s size and geographical location.

Do your interests include a career in research? Depending on experience, a researcher in the field of social work can earn upwards of $65,000 per year. In this capacity, you can evaluate and assess the effectiveness of social work today; you can develop referendums that regulate the costs of social work services, as well as, many other pertinent issues that plague social workers in their quest to be helpful to those who are in need.

If teaching and research is not your passion, that’s okay, because with an online doctorate degree in social work (DSW) your options are unlimited. Perhaps the best type of social work to be involved in, at least salary-wise, is that of a social worker in child welfare. Social workers work with children and their families to ensure the child is happy at home and succeeds in school. They tackle tough issues; therefore, this position can be stressful and disheartening, but also, one of the most rewarding careers in social work. The average salary can range from $48,430 to upwards of $75,940 annually according to the BLS, as of May 2017.

With an online Doctor of Social Work degree, you will qualify for testing to receive your license, according to your state’s regulations. Licensed clinical social workers earn approximately $47,980 annually and can expect a 16% job growth increase between 2016 and 2026. In this setting, you will help individuals cope with the everyday problems in their lives. In a licensed position, you can diagnose behavioral, emotional and mental issues and treat them accordingly. These positions are found in schools, human services agencies, and mental health care facilities, among other establishments.

There are many other concentrations to pursue your online doctorate degree in social work, as well. You can choose specializations in hospice care, gerontology, working with the homeless, substance abusers or veterans. Organizations such as the Red Cross often need social workers to help in times of need, such as disaster relief events resulting from hurricanes or tornadoes. You may also choose to work with employee assistance programs in the corporate setting or with those exiting the justice system.

If you are interested in this job career choice, please see our list of the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Social Work degree programs that we have compiled for your convenience.