What careers and salaries can I expect with my online Bachelor’s of Sociology degree?

An online Bachelor’s degree in Sociology is a very versatile degree to own. It will open up a variety of opportunities for you upon graduation. Although some careers, like a Sociologist, require a master’s or doctorate degree, there are many fields where your bachelor’s degree will suffice.

A Political Scientist’s median salary in 2016 was $114,290 annually, depending on experience and educational degree. A Political Scientist’s job duties include the study and/or the development of our political system. They analyze political trends and policies. Entry positions within this field are available with a bachelor’s degree, however, for top pay you will want to obtain your master’s degree to get the best salaried opportunities.

A Market Research Analyst will evaluate which products or services are selling and what’s not. The surveys produced by Market Researchers are essential to the success of production and distribution of a new product or service. They help companies determine their target buyer and at what price the product will sell for. A Market Research Analyst’s salary can range from between $50,809 to $70,030 annually, with an average of $62,560 per year, depending on experience and job location.

A Parole and Probation Officer are tasked with counseling and supervising criminals that are going through rehabilitation and need to be reintroduced into society. They often work closely with families who are also adjusting to their loved one’s release. If needed, they also arrange for substance abuse or mental health needs, in addition to, acting as liaisons between their clients and court systems or civil agencies, while on parole. A Parole or Probation Officer often must work with many cases at one time, while making each offender aware of conditions and consequences of their future actions. The salary for this position varies, depending on location, however, it can range from between $58,590 – $78,060 annually.

With your online Bachelor’s of Sociology degree, you may choose to help others as a Social Worker. A career as a Social Worker can expect a 15% job growth rate between now and 2026, with a median pay of $46,890 annually. In certain settings, such as in a school, Social Workers can earn up to $60,700 annually. They often are tasked with helping people in unfortunate situations or to help them solve problems in their everyday lives. They also work in stressful situations such as, in mental hospitals or in child welfare cases.

A career in Human Resources entails recruiting and interviewing candidates for positions open within a company. They also oversee employee benefits, relations and training. A Human Resources Specialist’s pay can vary greatly depending on experience, however, the median annual wage, in May 2016, was $59,180. A position in HR may require extensive travel to meet potential employees or to attend job fairs.

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