What careers and salaries are available with an online Master’s degree in Elementary Education?

If you take the time to earn an online Master’s degree in Elementary Education, then perhaps you are wondering what sort of career and salary you can expect. Tasked with such an awesome responsibility of teaching our youth of tomorrow, there are several careers that are available to the master’s degree holder that might be of interest to you.

A School Principal at the elementary level can be a fun and exciting career, no doubt. You can just imagine that there would never be a dull moment. Duties include the management of their facility, hiring faculty and conducting performance reviews, they prepare school budget reports and occasionally visit classrooms. They work closely with students, parents, faculty, in addition to, school administrators and superintendents. The average pay for an elementary School Principal is $92,510 per year.

The Assistant School Principal, or Vice-Principal, earns a median salary of $83,130 annually, however that can range from $72,475 to upwards of $97,154 depending on experience. Like those duties of a School Principal, an Assistant is also involved in the day-to-day operations of their school and helps to oversee projects such as athletic events, club functions, dances and field trips. They also work closely with students and parents, mediate conflicts and administers discipline. Assistant Principals work in partnership with faculty to ensure positive standardized testing scores. The Assistant Principal position can be a stepping stone to the job of School Principal.

The role of the Administrator is very important. With a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, you will be prepared to tackle the day-to-day activities that you will be asked to do. For example, an Administrator may assist Principals and Vice-Principals when needed, they balance school budgets and advise on how to handle disciplinary issues, in addition to, creating practical, interesting and effective educational curricula. Leadership and communication skills are a must. The average pay for this position is $90,410 – $124,400 annually.

A career as an Instructional Coordinator will also require an online Master’s degree in Elementary Education. They often work for the area school district and oversee that curricula and proper teaching standards are implemented to assure the best student success rates. The average salary for this position is approximately $62,270 per year, depending on experience and location.

If a career as an elementary School Counselor interests you, then your average salary can range anywhere from $53,660 to $87,640 annually for those that hold a master’s degree in education or counseling. Primarily, a School Counselor will work with parents and teachers to make sure every student has the resources necessary to ensure academic success, as well as, the development of excellent social skills. They also assist in curricula improvements.

As you can see, there are several areas of expertise that you may choose from. Just consider which one would be the best fit for you, however, rest assured either one will be a rewarding and worthwhile career. Also, to assure proper requirements are being met, such as licensure or certifications, please check with your state to see exactly what regulations need to be considered before joining a program. If you would like to learn more about this field, please see our list of the Top 20 Online Master’s of Elementary Education Degree Programs.