What can I accomplish with a certificate in the field of Fire Science?

So, you would like to become a firefighter, but perhaps you are wondering if a formal online Bachelor of Fire Science degree program is absolutely necessary. Let’s face the facts, as earning an academic degree can be pricey, you may not enjoy the core classes involved in obtaining a degree, or perhaps you would rather get right into the workforce; therefore, earning a salary right away.

When you are weighing your options regarding this dilemma, you must ask yourself an important question. Would you like to advance in the field of firefighting? If so, you most likely should consider earning an online Bachelor of Fire Science degree. In this type of program, you will learn about the many aspects of fighting fires, as well as, how to advance into a managerial position. In the event you would like to remain a firefighter throughout your career, a certificate program and proper training may be sufficient for you.

In any program, basic requirements will apply. You will need to be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. You will need to have previously obtained a high school diploma or GED, at the very minimum. Most departments will require EMT certification. To be a firefighter, you will be required to be in excellent physical condition and pass a background check, drug test, credit check, as well as, have a clean social media account.

As you start your adventure, you will need to complete a fire science training program that lasts several weeks, if you decide to forego a lengthy formal degree program. You’ll learn the fundamentals of firefighting, and perhaps, need to complete an internship. Generally, states require a passing grade on a written and practical certification test to perform firefighting duties.

If you decide to pursue an upper management position in firefighting, please see our list of the Top 15 Online Schools for Bachelor of Fire Science Degree Programs.