How do I obtain certification in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Upon graduating with your online master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder, no doubt, you are ready to get started with your career. However, you must take one more step before you are ready to start filling out employment applications.

Most employers will require that if you wish to be in any sort of mental or behavioral related health profession, you must pass the Behavior Analyst Certification Board examination. Within this exam, you may choose between two different certification levels for becoming behavior analysts:

There are several requirements for taking the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination. A graduate degree, such as a master’s or doctorate from an accredited university, the completion of behavior analysis coursework and supervised practical experience is required to take the exam.

BCBA certificate holders are professionals who are certified to work as independent practitioners who often own their own business or who may work in the clinical setting by providing behavior analytic services. They also are allowed to, with additional training, supervise others who are responsible for behavior related interventions. Recertification and continued educational training is generally required every two years. If you decide to obtain your doctorate degree at a later date, you will be issued the BCBA-D certification.

The Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) exam requires the participant to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, behavior analysis related courses and supervised practical experience.

The recipient of the BCaBA certification may not practice independently for they must be under supervision by a BCBA or BCBA-D certification holder. Every two years recertification, continued educational training and verifiable supervision is required. Those with BCaBA certification that wish to obtain the BCBA certification must complete a graduate degree, the additional required coursework and supervised practical experience.

The BCBA and BCaBA are two important exams that are performed to assess the knowledge level of graduates wishing to enter the behavior analyst field at an entry-level. The exam consists of approximately 150 multiple choice questions with four hours to complete. The test is given through a computer based testing format and divided into sections such as basic behavior analytic skills and client centered responsibilities.

The latest findings report states the pass rate for the BCBA exam at between 67% – 75%, therefore, with an emphasis on applying your knowledge, you must rely on practical internship experience under the proper supervision to be the most effective way to prepare for this exam. Studying your textbook only may not be enough.

Upon obtaining your online bachelor’s or online master’s degree in Autism Spectrum Disorder, you should be ready to take the exam of your choice. You must submit your application to do so along with all eligibility requirements. Then, you must make an appointment to take your exam, however, appointments are on a “first come, first served” basis. Be sure to make your arrangements early for there is limited availability. The test requires an approximate $125 examination fee.

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