What sort of certification do I need to be an Auto Repair Technician?

What is the first thing we should look for when getting our car repaired? That’s right… the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. Many of us have seen it posted on our mechanic’s storefront glass or framed proudly on the shop wall at the dealership for all the customers to see. But, do we know what it represents? And as an Auto Repair Technician, should you pursue this type of certification? The short answer is undoubtedly, yes, you should.

Nationwide, there are almost 300,000 Auto Repair Technicians who have successfully earned the distinguished accolade of being ASE certified and you should be one of them. Established in 1972, this award is sponsored by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The organization works diligently to assure that vehicle repair, parts and service professionals are held up to the standards of quality work that we all deserve.

At an auto repair shop or car dealership, the ASE certified mechanic is in great demand. This type of certification proves to the employer that their potential applicant has the knowledge and technical skills required to do a good job. In the car repair business, an excellent reputation is key to running a successful business, as it is imperative that employers hire competent Auto Repair Technicians to work in their establishments. ASE certifications protect their businesses, as well as, the consumer.

All customers appreciate competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy employees repairing their vehicles. Through testing, employers and customers have peace of mind that they will get expert service. Furthermore, in addition to passing the certification tests, an individual must have two years of mechanical on-the-job experience or one-year on-the-job experience with a two-year degree in automotive repair before eligible for the ASE Certified title. Each test’s requirement varies on the amount of actual work experience is required before taking the test.

Do you think passing the tests will be a breeze? Think again. It requires extensive study and actual experience to pass these types of exams. Only two out of every three people that take the test pass it the first try. Once you pass, then you must retake every five years to renew your ASE certification to allow for the ever-changing technology used in today’s vehicles.

Depending on your topic of testing, your registration fee will be approximately $36 plus a testing fee that can range from $41 to $82 for each test, with recertifications costing up to $123. Generally, ASE tests include 40 to 75 multiple choice questions, however, each test may include ten or so statistical research questions that do not count in the scoring of your test, although you will not know which ones are experimental, so you should do your best to answer them all to the best of your ability.

ASE testing can cover virtually every aspect of the automotive service industry with over 40 ASE certification tests available designed to test your capabilities and skillset. Categories of testing include automobile, medium/heavy truck, collision repair and school bus repair, among others. To gain Master Technician status, you will need to pass several exams per your category’s requirements.

When you pass your exams and have worked the experience requirement, you will receive your ASE Blue Seal of Excellence to display proudly. If you are interested in this career field, please see our list of the best Online Schools for Auto Repair Programs.