What kind of certifications are available in Appliance Repair?

As an Appliance Repair Technician, continued education is extremely important. Sure, knowing the basics of fundamental repair is essential, however, in today’s job market, you must make certain that you are well educated, well prepared and up-to-date on the latest and greatest in new technology. Besides attending an online training course or earning an online Associate degree in Appliance Repair, you may consider earning additional accolades to show employers and customers that you are a serious professional, knowledgeable about appliance repair and intend to be the best in your field.

The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) organization is internationally recognized as the premier agency that provides professional testing, scoring, and analysis of those hoping to obtain a certificate of excellence in the field of appliance repair. They process the exam applications, help you schedule an exam in your area and report the scores to those that take the exam.

ISCET administers a test called the National Appliance Service Technician Certification (NASTeC) exam. Although only voluntary, the test measures the skills and ability that technicians need to do a professional job and maintain excellent customer service. NASTeC is fully aware of the sophisticated electronic parts and devices that are in today’s home appliances, therefore, they also realize the importance of being prepared. NASTeC will help you reach your goals as you advance in your career. When potential employers and customers see that you are NASTeC certified, they know that they can depend on you to provide professional service at the highest level available in the appliance repair business, as well as, get their money’s worth by your display of knowledge, your personal appearance and professional conduct. In today’s economy, that is important!

NASTeC exams are arranged by the ISCET network and will make efforts to secure a testing administrator or proctor in your area to administer the test to you. You may either complete the test on paper or through their online testing system, however, all tests are completed in the presence of an ISCET administrator. The test offers four levels of certification. They are Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Cooking, Laundry and Dishwashing, or, if you wish to combine all three specialties with the basic skills exam, you may choose to take the Universal Technician exam for a total of 200 questions. The examination fee depends on which areas of the test you take, but, for the basic test plus all three specialties, the cost is $185.

The Professional Service Association also offers a certified program to show your expertise as a Certified Master Technician. To take this examination, you need at least two years of experience. To receive your honor, you must have a passing grade of at least 75% and you must renew your certification every four years.

Testing through PSA, for Master Technician status, will cost $130 and is compiled of eight different sections which consist of Consumer Relations Skills, Core Technical Knowledge, Cooling Equipment, Convenience Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Gas Cooking Equipment, Electric Cooking Equipment, and Microwave Cooking equipment. A total of 300 questions will be on the exam, all to be completed online. In addition, you can receive your results instantly.

When working with refrigeration or cooling systems, most likely, you will be required to obtain your CFC certification, as well. CFC certification is required by the EPA to take any of the above-mentioned exams regarding cooling equipment. If you plan to work on refrigerators, you will need at least Type I certification that allows you to work on small appliances. If needed, you may obtain certification that allows you to repair heating and cooling equipment. This type of exam deals primarily with the effects that refrigerant released in our atmosphere can have on ozone depletion.

If you would like to demonstrate your skills, competencies, and professionalism in appliance repair, your certifications will help you do so. To learn more about this field, please check out our list of the Online Schools for Appliance Repair Programs that we have compiled for your review.