What kind of certifications are available to add to my online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration?

As you advance in your knowledge by earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, you may want to consider earning some extra accolades such as, a certification. Certifications are very important to employers because they demonstrate your determination and commitment to be the best employee you can be for their company.

Certifications are not always required, however, they certainly look impressive to potential employers and sure look good on a resumé. By earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, you may also choose to go the extra mile and earn your Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree, which is an advanced degree that will help you attain the upper level, top management positions.

Although business administrators are in high demand, the competition can be tough. Any additional education or certifications that you may earn will enhance your leadership skills and competency, as well as, give you a competitive edge over other candidates for the job.

There are many types of certifications. Professional certification will depend on the business field you are in; however, you will benefit from any that you have the time to invest in or your employer may ask you to earn.

Certification programs are designed to provide additional training, in addition to, introducing you to other like-minded professionals. Certain certifications will allow you entry into professional associations or organizations, therefore, providing additional opportunities. Being certified in your area of business will also earn you a fatter paycheck.

Even though certification programs are beneficial, they do typically require a fee to attend and they generally require recertification, sometimes annually.  Your certification classes will also help you prepare for tests, such as, the Certified Public Account (CPA) examination.

There are several certifications to consider after earning your online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and perhaps have a little work experience under your belt. The Professional Management Certification is obtained through the ICPM. This credential provides additional training for those interested in management. The program may take up to nine months to complete online and recertification is annually.

The Marketing Management Certification is obtained through the AIPMM. This program will provide additional training, such as, launching new product ideas and innovative marketing techniques. It offers certification exams for Certified Product Manager (CPM) and Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM) credentials.

The Management Accounting Certification is obtained through the IMA. If you are in financial management or management accounting, this is the certification for you. It will provide additional training in analysis, control, decision support and in financial planning.

Earning your certification confirms to future employers that you are well qualified and knowledgeable in the career you have worked so hard for. If you are interested in this field, please check out our choices for the Top Online Bachelor of Business Administration programs.