How can I combine my online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor degree?

As a student with a major in Political Science, you may want to consider a minor that will complement your degree. A related minor will help you learn additional skills that your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science may not provide. When you graduate and begin the job search, you will find that the higher the degree, the better job offer you may receive. In addition to a major degree, a related minor will convince potential employers that you are the one for the job.

If you have a specific career goal in mind, such as in the legal field, a minor in history or communications would be most beneficial. Featured topics such as, business, constitutional law, public speaking and economics are all essential for a lawyer who would like to represent government agencies in a court of law.

Do you have an interest in international studies? Your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science paired with a degree in international studies will prepare you for work in the foreign service or a federal intelligence agency. If you intend to travel abroad in your career, a minor in international studies, journalism, economics and finance or history would be helpful. Don’t forget to brush up on your preferred foreign language!

Another helpful minor to add to your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science is in business administration, which includes coursework in accounting, economics, marketing or in public administration. The additional degree will prepare you for public service jobs, as well as, other corporations or non-profit organizations.

Perhaps the most popular addition to your online Bachelor’s degree in Political Science is a minor degree in philosophy, however, degrees in history, anthropology or sociology are also appropriate for the political science major.

If you are not yet sure of what direction your career path will take, then choose a minor that will, at least, complement your major or supplement your skills set. If you are interested in this field, we have compiled a list of the Top 20 Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Political Science degree programs to assist you along your educational journey.