Can I complete my high school degree online?

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Graduating from high school is now easier than ever, as more and more online options are available to high school students. However, many students drop out of the traditional brick and mortar high school for various reasons before they have the opportunity to graduate. Whether you left high school recently or many years ago, an online high school diploma through a distance learning program can be the answer to your dilemma. Working adults often take advantage of this type of program, especially if they are now considering earning a college degree.

Through an online high school program, students can expect to complete coursework that is typically required between the grades of 9 through 12. The Distance Education and Accrediting Commission (DEAC) can provide you with a list of accredited schools in their database. Accreditation is very critical at this point if you desire to move on to earn an online college degree.

Depending on your state, you will typically be instructed on the educational programs that your state deems necessary, such as science, math, history, social studies, English and foreign languages. You may even be interested in advanced placement courses. Physical education classes are often not a requirement; however, if it is required, you will need to submit signed statements that document your physical education activities.

Will you be on your own with no help in sight? No, you will not. Students can easily contact faculty and classmates through discussion forums, email, texting and video conferencing. You will have access to tutoring and counseling, as well.

When choosing an online high school program, there are many factors to consider. Besides accreditation, you will need to research the delivery options. Format options may include attending at a particular time, which is considered to be the synchronous format. Or, you can participate at your convenience when you choose an asynchronous format. Pick which type of program best fits your needs, personality, and effectiveness. It is always advisable to check school reviews and consider how the program’s strengths will help you meet your full potential and career aspirations.

You will want to brush up on the latest in computer technology, especially if you are rusty with your computer skills. Online learning involves typing with various types of office software applications, in addition to, using speakers, microphone and a webcam. If your equipment is obsolete, you will need to obtain a recent laptop with high-speed Internet.

To summarize, as many students choose to earn their high school diploma through an online format, you will need to research several pertinent points. Consider a program’s cost, as they may vary depending on their curricula. Also, before enrollment, make sure they offer the coursework that you need to enter an online college program if desired. You will want to research each school’s strengths, such as their influence in the arts or perhaps they offer an in-depth curriculum in the field of science. And, as previously stated and most importantly, please be sure that your online high school program is accredited.


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