What kind of degree do I need to have a career in Human Services?

An online Master’s degree in Human Services is required to apply for most positions in this field, however, you may choose to research whether a Master of Arts degree or the Master of Science degree is the best for you. The Human Service field is growing, therefore, so is the pool of potential graduates looking for a job. Your online Master’s degree will set you apart from the rest and provide the valuable training you will need to get the job of your dreams.

Prerequisites for entry into a Master’s degree program will include a Bachelor’s degree and possibly an internship. Core classes such as business, psychology, ethics and sociology courses may be required in the Master’s program, as well as, counseling, society and law, program management, statistics and others based on your area of specialization. You will learn to hone your critical thinking and interpersonal skills to ensure a professional demeanor in your chosen area. All coursework will provide a thorough education in theory and practice.

Areas of specialization to choose from may include organizational leadership, faith, family, social work, child development, business administration, and health. With your online Master’s degree in Human Services, you may choose a career as a Counselor, Healthcare Consultant, Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, School Counselor, Probation Officer or Human Resource Manager.

When considering what degree is best for you, consider your current educational degree, your timeline in relation to your career goal and whether or not you have a specialization in mind. For example, a Master of Science degree is best suited for someone who has chosen a specialization and the Master of Arts degree is for the student who has a bachelor’s degree in a general subject such as English. The Master of Science will allow you to focus on your area of expertise while the Master of Arts student is not required to choose a specialization, however, they must complete a thesis or research project to graduate.

Generally, your online Master’s degree in Human Services will take approximately two years to complete, however, some schools offer accelerated programs and some online universities let you work at your own pace while you continue to work your job and raise your family. Be sure to do your research on what school offers the correct degrees for your specialization and please verify that it is also properly accredited and will prepare you for licensure and certification exams according to your state’s requirements.

Also, if you are interested in a career in education, you may want to research a Master’s of Education (M. Ed.) degree of Human Services in which you will be required to complete student teaching assignments.

In America, our aging and elderly are living longer, however, the individuals who are living in poverty has also increased. With these numbers, the need for compassionate, caring people to assist the disadvantaged necessitates a need for experienced professionals in the field of Human Services. If you have a possible interest in this career, check out our Top 15 Online Schools for Master’s of Human Services Degree Programs to help you in your future planning.