What kind of degree do I need to become a Web Designer?

Do you have a favorite website that you go to often for news, research information, shopping or entertainment? A web designer is responsible for providing you with that information by designing, building and implementing technical applications to create the website.

Do you consider yourself a creative person? A web designer’s primary concern in creating a website is that it has a pleasing aesthetic look and is easy to use. They use a variety of design programs to generate the page layout, site content and the visual components of the website such as colors, text styles, graphics and interactive features.

The responsibilities of a web designer include extensive research to assess a client’s needs, evaluate proper hardware and software requirements, prepare sample websites for client review, create proper design appearance such as layout and flow, establish website content and then finally, bring your client’s vision to fruition by creating a website that will impact their business in a pleasant and positive way.

Most lucrative positions in the web world require an online bachelor’s degree in web design for it is typically the preferred degree requirement for this career, however, some companies accept applications to consider from those with web design certificates or an associates degree coupled with experience. A bachelor’s degree relating to computer science, communications or business is most helpful while considering a career in web design, hence, giving you an advantage over those without the degree.  Also, you may choose to combine your major in design with other areas, such as graphic design or web development.

Additional coursework may include technical elements, website production, visual communications, multimedia production, web publishing, digital illustration, application design and usability testing. You must also have a strong background in math and English and as a professional web designer, you must possess an understanding of a plethora of programming languages. Your online bachelor’s degree in web design will teach you the skills you need to begin your journey of creating websites for small businesses, large corporations or you may choose to do freelance work.

While earning your online bachelor’s degree in web design, you may choose to work an internship, which will provide you hands-on work experience and training. This will also give you an opportunity to build your own portfolio of finished work that will be beneficial to you while searching for a permanent job upon graduation.

There are many career options available to the online bachelor’s degree holder in web design, such as a User Experience Designer, Mobile Application Developer, Database Developer, Web Administrator, Information Architect, Software Developer or some of the more common positions as a Web Developer, Graphic Designer or Web Animator.

The bachelor’s degree will be most beneficial to you if you are considering a career as a web designer due to the fact that if you would like to earn upscale pay, you will need this degree to be competitive in the job market. In 2015, the average median salary of a web designer is typically around $65,000 annually.  Obtaining your online Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in web design is a good start on your educational journey while learning the basic theories and concepts of web design.