What is the difference in an online Bachelor of Architecture degree and a BS in Architectural Engineering degree?


Do you want to become an architect or an architectural engineer? Although they sound about the same, perhaps you did not realize there is a distinct difference. Without a doubt, the two fields overlap, that can not be denied; however, architects design structures to meet their client’s needs.  They are especially concerned with aesthetics. The architect is also responsible for the functionality of the design, whether it pertains to the inside or outside of the home or building. An architect will work closely with the client to meet their every need.

The architectural engineer makes the architect’s design come to life. They make sure that the design is structurally safe and meets all codes and regulations for the area. They determine which materials should be used, in addition to, the systems that should be installed, such as the HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Both architects and engineers work together to create blueprints that specify how a design should be built.

An online Bachelor of Architecture degree program will instruct the aspiring architect on many aspects of design, as well as, the construction process. They are the creative force behind the beautiful and intricate buildings or homes we all enjoy viewing; although, the engineer ensures us that it is safe to enter without fear of collapse.

Can you work in tandem with others? In your career as an architect, rest assured you will need to work well with others; therefore, excellent communication skills are a must. Both architects and architectural engineers need knowledge of how to accurately use drafting software, so that they may work cohesively together. Although various types of systems are the responsibility of the engineer, an architect must design around the placements of each, such as heat and air units, return ventilation, and, in commercial applications, elevators or escalators.

Many critical decisions go into the design and construction of our surrounding businesses, homes, malls, and entertainment venues. We take them for granted as we are not usually aware of the extreme planning that goes into each steel beam and brick used during the construction phase. Whether you are interested in the designing or engineering aspects of architecture, the proper education should be your top priority. If becoming an architect is your goal, please see our choices for the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Architecture Degree Programs.