What is the difference between a Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science Degree?

If you are looking to attend college and you are trying to decide as to the type of degree you want to achieve, you might have questions about what the differences are between getting a Bachelors of Arts degree, a Bachelors of Science degree, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in any particular subject. Here, you will learn the difference between these three in order for you to make a well educated decision as to which one fits you best. There is quite a bit of difference in the three choices as to what you can accomplish with the end results.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts: What is the difference as far as which classes between the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Bachelors of Fine Arts degrees? We will make this comparison to get started. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, you would learn more skills that fit into commercial work, such as Marketing. If you choose the Bachelor of Fine Arts, you may choose to go into dance or art history for examples. That being said, you can see how they are in need of different types of classes.

For instance, classes for the Bachelor of Arts degree track will require that you have a lot more of the basic Liberal Arts classes, such as, English, Math, a foreign language, along with the area of work you plan to go into. With a BA, you will spend more time on the liberal arts, and less time on the visual arts. With a BFA degree, it is just the opposite. You would spend most of your time on the visual arts, and less on the liberal art side of things. Both of these degrees take 4 years to complete although the BA gives you a larger base of knowledge.

Bachelor of Science: You will be required to study scientific or technical areas with this degree option, for example, physics, science, nursing, biochemistry, as a part of your course work. From what we understand, a lot of the same classes that you can take with a bachelor of art degree are also the same courses as required through the bachelor of science degree. Some universities are offering the two degrees together. The Bachelor of Arts courses lean more toward the student being able to improve their writing and communication skills, while the Bachelor of Science courses teach more about understanding subject matter in detail, along with improving your analytical skills.