What is the difference in an online Ph.D. in Management and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree and which one is right for me?

Have you thought about your future? What goals have you set for yourself? If you earn a graduate degree such as a Ph.D., how will you use it to better the world or at least, your community? How will you help others by earning your Ph.D.? Naturally, our thoughts are focused on ourselves while pondering on a potential pay raise or the self-satisfaction of receiving such a remarkable degree. Consider if you would like to strive for a career as a professor or researcher to assist others in the field of management or if you’d prefer to remain in the hustle and bustle world of the corporate professional. In either direction, earning an online Ph.D. in Management or a Doctor of Business Administration degree will help you assist others, whether it’s by teaching or contributing to corporate America.

Of course, the choice is yours, but what’s the difference in the Ph.D. in Management or a DBA program? And, how do you know which one will suit your needs the best? Let’s look at the differences, as an in-depth understanding of business administration or business management will be crucial to your success.

After you’ve thought about the answers to the above questions, consider this: An online Ph.D. in Management program is the best choice for you if you would like to further your career in research or teach at the university level. If you love to analyze data and evaluate theories, you are probably more suited for the Ph.D. in Management program. If you think you would enjoy a more hands-on approach to business, such as developing business practices and putting them to use through problem-solving and critical-thinking applications, you would be better suited for the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program.

An online Ph.D. program in Management will help you discover developments in the field of management and how it relates to the public. You will use research and analytical methods to advance the field of management and support positive change. Your dissertation project should make an original contribution to the field of business management.

The online Doctor of Business Management degree program will prepare you for advancement in the corporate world. It will instruct you on how to critically think about a problem and how to apply your knowledge and strategically find a solution. Your research background will allow you to effectively approach a concept with your academic skills and move forward with leadership and collaboration.

Upon graduation from an online Ph.D. in Management degree program, you will have several career opportunities available to you. You can choose to teach at the collegiate level, offer your services through a consulting capacity, or perhaps continue important research in the field of management. You may also choose to work in the area of corporate policymaking or organizational innovation.

If you receive your DBA degree, you will also have many job opportunities to choose from, such as a consultant or an upper-management position within private or nonprofit businesses or large conglomerates. If you would like to begin your own business, you will certainly be qualified to contribute to its success.

To summarize, if you are a young graduate who intends to conduct research or teach at the university level, earn your online Ph.D. degree in Management. If you’re a working adult, who has an established career but would like the additional accolade to set you apart from the rest, earn a Doctor of Business Administration degree. If you are interested in this field, check out our list of the Best Online Schools for Doctor of Management degree programs.