What is the difference in a PhD and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree program and which one is best for me?

Although the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business of Administration degrees are basically the same, at least academically, they also have some differences. When furthering your education, the doctorate degree sets the standards for higher learning. Earning your online Doctorate degree in Business Administration will afford you better career opportunities, perhaps a promotion and most definitely, a raise in salary.

The basics of earning a DBA or a PhD are the same, for example, they are both well-respected degrees, they both require an extensive and demanding course of study in business administration, all while emphasizing research. With this degree you will be prepared for management and consulting positions, as well as, research and teaching opportunities.

As always, verify that your online Doctorate degree in Business Administration program is accredited. Prospective employers usually do not mind which graduate degree you have earned for they are considered to be equal. Rest assured, if you have earned this degree, you will receive the accolades and recognition you deserve.

The PhD in Business of Administration degree program has a primary focus on research and teaching. Most likely, this program is for young adults who have earned their master’s degree and is entering directly into a doctorate program with little or no work experience.

On the other hand, the DBA student has probably been employed within the realm of business administration for a while and is looking to advance in their career by earning their online Doctorate degree in Business Administration. The DBA candidate typically has already had success in business and is earning a decent salary, however, their drive, ambition and personal goals allows them to advance further by earning the graduate degree.

While the PhD in Business Administration degree program leads to a career as a university professor or researcher who focuses on new discoveries and theories, the online Doctor of Business Admnistration degree will ask you to expand on existing theory applications concerning business related issues in the managerial setting. Positions as a working professional, such as, an executive or CEO are available with a DBA degree.

Generally, a PhD program is considered a full-time work load, while an online Doctorate degree in Business Administration can be accomplished on a part-time basis, as your schedule allows. Through an online program, a majority of your work can be completed at your convenience with minimum practical coursework. Since the DBA student often is maintaining a current job, financial aid may or may not be available, however, through a PhD program, financial aid is usually readily available. You will be expected to write and support a doctoral dissertation through either program.

To summarize, you may want to think of the PhD as an “umbrella” type degree in which the DBA degree falls under except for in the fields of medicine, theology and law. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is recognized internationally and the DBA degree is of a more recent recognition, however, is becoming more and more popular within business colleges. Perhaps, the value of your degree may depend on the reputation of your school, in some cases. Earning a PhD or a professional doctorate degree in any subject will allow the student to teach at the university level, if so desired.

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