What do Dog Obedience Trainers or Instructors do?

Without a doubt, dog obedience trainers and instructors are dog lovers! But let’s be honest, man’s best friend can be a little unruly at times. Your online career diploma or certificate program will educate you on how to teach others, as well as yourself, to train dogs to be a beloved member of the family.

Dog obedience trainers teach dog owners how to determine and correct canine behavioral patterns. As each breed has different characteristics, you will be responsible for learning the appropriate discipline and training techniques to apply, when to use them and how to communicate effectively with the dog.

Often you will be working with competing dogs in the show ring. You will need to know the proper etiquette and requirements of each breed, as you teach them basic commands such as sitting, staying, heeling and walking on a leash. Their owners must know the proper way of showcasing their dog’s talents. Dogs must be socialized and friendly as you train with positive reinforcements.

As a trainer, you will also educate others in proper veterinary care, emergency first aid for the pet, how to keep your dog safe indoors and outdoors, as well as, how to handle new puppies who are trying to master the potty-training concept. Puppies must learn their owner’s voice and body language to help them learn basic commands.

Dog obedience trainers and instructors often work closely with dogs that show potential for very important work as support animals. This type of training requires a dog with a certain temperament and socialization. Dogs are often used to meet the needs of those with various medical conditions such as, the hearing and visually impaired. They also are used for emotional support dogs or for someone who needs balance assistance.

Through an online dog obedience course, you will also learn about new techniques and research used in training dogs today. As a trainer, you must be creative as you learn problem-solving skills and animal learning theory that is unique to each dog, depending on its personality and traits.

Animal behavioral psychology is a very important aspect of learning how to properly teach dogs obedience commands, as well as, learning dog mannerisms. And, just as important as teaching a dog… is teaching the owner the proper way to handle and reprimand their dog.

As some dog trainers work for obedience schools, kennels or dog grooming businesses, most trainers choose to open their own business. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to attend business classes, you should. Gaining these important skills will help you in accounting and finance, marketing and advertising.

Of course as expected, there are always a few “difficult clients.” A dog trainer can expect a few nips, bites and scratches (hazards of the job). However, with proper training techniques, this job career can be very rewarding for you, the dog and the dog’s owner.

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