Should I earn an online Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree or a Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S.) degree?

Through your research to become an architect, you’ve probably noticed two different types of degrees to choose from in this field. Which one do you need? Which one is the preferred degree to have for your career aspirations? And, which one will fit your personality? To get the most out of your degree program, as well as, the most out of your money, without a doubt, you will need to consider what your career goal will be before signing on to a program. Would you like to become a professionally licensed architect or work in the field of architecture in the paraprofessional capacity?

To become a professionally licensed architect, you will need to earn an online Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree. A program of this type will typically take you about five years to complete. If this is your desired career path, you can plan on at least a one-year internship and then passing the Architect Registration Examination to receive your license.

If you would like to become a paraprofessional in the field of architecture, you should earn an online Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S.) degree. This type of degree will allow you to work in an architectural firm as an architect’s assistant, a design drafter, a landscape architect, or perhaps as an interior designer or construction manager.

An online Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree program offer similar coursework, especially in the first two years, such as architectural design, construction, and architectural history. However, if you begin with a B.S. program and then decide you would like to advance into a professional architecture degree program, some schools will allow you to transfer your credits into a B.Arch. program after your first two years, if your school offers both types of degree programs.

To summarize, first and foremost, you should assess your career goals to determine which degree is best for you. Secondly, if you think you could aspire to obtain your online Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree at a later date, be sure the school you attend will accept your B.S. credits to avoid duplicate classes and tuition. Also, you should consider which job description in the field of architecture fits your personality. Perhaps you would better serve as a landscape designer if you love the outdoors. Or, perhaps as an interior designer, if you enjoy creating beautiful indoor spaces. In any capacity, rest assured, you will find a degree that fits your needs and career aspirations.

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