How do I earn an online Bachelor of Industrial Organizational Psychology degree?

Earning an online Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree is a stepping stone to bigger and better things! Generally, to secure a position in this remarkable field, you will be required to obtain, at the very least, a master’s degree. Occasionally, a doctoral degree is required, as well. Primarily, the reasoning behind the graduate degree requirement is because of the psychological aspects of the career, for an industrial-organizational psychologist combines the science of human behavior with the various elements of performing job duties within the workplace environment.

How do you begin this process? Preparing for your college degree should start while in high school, if possible. There are many courses you may want to consider taking while in high school, for they will help you excel in your online Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree coursework, such as any applicable math and science classes, as well as, business, sociology, political science and statistics coursework.

Your online bachelor’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology program will typically take you four years to complete. Identifying a 100% online program in this field may be hard to locate, due to the clinical aspects required; although, hybrid programs will allow you to complete coursework online while lab work and other classes will request on-campus attendance.

If you do attend an online distance learning program, rest assured, you are not entirely alone. Online degree programs offer you the convenience and flexibility to attend courses any time you please, from anywhere you have an adequate Internet connection. You’ll have access to other classmates and faculty through e-mail, texts, and virtual classroom activities. It’s highly advisable to attend an online program that is appropriately accredited by a reputable organization.

What can you expect to learn through an online bachelor’s degree program in industrial-organizational psychology? You can expect to focus on group dynamics, public relations, human resources, psychometrics, foundations of industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, as well as, economics and conflict management. You’ll focus on mental health issues at work and how to legally and ethically resolve workplace conflicts. Other coursework should include counseling in the workplace, information management, anthropology, new employee training, workplace safety, in addition to, ensuring workplace productivity and, of course, philosophy.

To be successful in this type of career choice, you must be an excellent communicator, well-organized and a critical thinker and problem solver. You must be a team player, possess excellent interpersonal skills, and be a leader.

With an online Bachelor of I/O Psychology degree, you will qualify for an entry-level job in human resources or business management. Would you like to learn more about this exciting field? If so, please check out’s list of the Best Online Schools for Bachelor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology degree programs.